Thursday, September 13, 2007

  • Brooke has an important post that brought tears to my eyes and is very close to my heart. Please read it here and consider making a difference however small it may be.
  • There is a wedding here this weekend. Things are crazy around here, so I haven't and won't be around much. Jake's brother is marrying the love of his life, and if I were a boy, she might be the love of my life too. She is everything beautiful and feminine; strong and good; smart and competent


  • Happy Birthday, Roger!


  • We finished the tile in the mudroom. It was a lot of work! Our awesome friend Captain Rob helped us and now we're old pros. (translation: I watched him do all the hard work, then did a little bit myself. Jake got a little more practice than me, too) I love how it turned out!



  • Rachel and I went to Stephenie Meyere's Q/A and book signing out here. It's the second time I've met her and she's incredibly nice and very generous. And pretty, too! We met some very fun people in line (three hours!!) and learned some interesting information. From Stephenie's mouth: Edward and Bella have a very fun and interesting relationship, but there's not enough room to write about the details with all the story lines going on; it gets edited out. Also, She compares an upcoming book (I couldn't figure out if it is Breaking Dawn or Midnight Sun) to Midsummer night's Dream.
  • While I was taking a picture of one of my address books, I got a little visitor. He got a scream of surprise from me, and then leaped into the garden.


  • The weather is beautiful and the garden looks especially nice for the middle of September in New England. (Thanks to the upcoming wedding, I took special care to water more frequently.)


it's a little too sunny for a realy nice garden picture, but you get the idea...



the vegi garden

1 T butter or so

6 to 8 eggs

1 c. flour

1 c. milk

dash of salt

Preheat oven to 375, and put the butter into a 9x13 baking dish and put it into the oven to warm it up and melt the butter while you're preparing the batter. Beat the eggs, flour and milk very well, until a bit foamy. Pour into the pan with melted butter and bake for 20 minutes or so. It will fluff while it's cooking, and you should leave it in until it's brown around the edges. When you take it out, it slowly deflates, so if you're serving others, it is best to present it straight from the oven--it's more dramatic that way:) You can serve it in many ways, the most simple being what is pictured below--butter and syrup. You can go all out with fancy syrups or jellys or fresh fruit and powdered sugar...

ps--as a favor the happy couple have asked me to take thier wedding pictures. I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'll wing it--I'm getting nervous! Please send a little prayer out for me that somehow the pictures will capture the beauty of a wedding day! Thanks:) Have a great weekend!


Brooke said...

The wedding is going to be great! and your house and yard look gorgeous. Hope you guys are not too stressed out and get to enjoy the day. And have fun pumping the septic tank out again :)

Kara said...

Everything looks beautiful. I'm sure you'll be able to capture the beauty of life that day (hopefully your kids will be pre-occupied)!


Dini said...

You have lots going on. Your yard is beautiful as well as your new mudroom. How fun to host a wedding in your own backyard! The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend too. Have fun!

Clairissa said... get to take the wedding photos! How fun for you!! You are a one stop venue and photography. I heard someone else talk about that Midsummer Night's Dream comparison as well and it was in reference to Breaking Dawn. Your house (in and out) is STUNNING!

Georgia said...

Hey, that tile is the SAME tile we have in our kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room! We did it ourselves too:)

Lucky you to meet Stephenie :) I can't wait till her next book signing so I can meet her again... meanwhile I am hoping to go to the Muse concert here in a couple weeks... maybe I will bump into her there... lol.

Another really yummy thing to put on top of the german pancakes is just plain old Orange juice concentrate. Melt it, and drizzle it on top like syrup and sprinkle with powdered sugar... YUM!

andrea said...

so. out of curiousity, when you screamed, it may have scared the froggy... if he tinkled on the book, will you sell it at a discount?

emma jo said...

I love that you are celebrating a wedding in your amazing little haven! I can't wait to see pictures. I love your just looks so inviting and fresh!!

Krista said...

I am so proud of you- look at all that you have accomplished! The tile looks great, the house is so clean, the garden is simply wonderful, that cake looked delicious. You are SO SO SO talented. Do you know that? Seriously, if I could have the talent that is in only your pinky finger I could be amazing! Can't wait to see the pictures- I am sure it will be wonderful!

Wenda said...

I don't always leave comments on places I've been, but on a blog like this, with so many posts and photos I've enjoyed, I want to stop to say thank you.

Abby said...

Could it be any more beautiful? The answer is no it could not. And I LOVE the mudroom.

rubyslippers said...

i am so totally going to make that cake! my mouth is watering! said...

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