Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I have a bad habit.

Introducing Sir Junkdrawer.
In the midst of my chaotic day, I find peace and have a moment of profound understanding about life and then I eat a piece of chocolate and get distracted with the chaos before I write anything down.  Anything at all. 

Does that mean that my learning is lost?  Does it help me in the long run?  I feel myself living more meaningfully, with more intention and love, so I know it’s not lost completely, but still.  I come to sit and write it down, and not any of the bits and pieces will come out.  It has dissipated itself in to the nooks and crannies of my brain and has become a part of me.  How, then can I find these moments of remembrance?  They are no longer aha moments, but part of who I am.  I can’t sit and write about who I am; that’s too big.  So I don’t write anything.

Maybe if I eat the chocolate after I write?  Maybe if I take a journal into the locked bathroom and steal a moment I could write a sentence or two…That would be a start.  I wonder what I would gain?  (I’ll try it, dear reader.  But don’t tell my kids; they will thwart my plans.  Especially if they find the chocolate.)


Brittany said...

oh my...i have the same problem. all these profound revelations that go whooshing off into space. i'll try switching it up with you. :)

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Teo Dora said...

An absolutely amazing and beautiful blog! hello from a tiny family in NYC! Love, and hope you keep writing, so inspiring!

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