Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It has been a whirlwind.
I can feel it winding down.

It has been fun and delightful
chaotic and overwhelming
sweet and endearing
a tangle of emotions
at the surface at all times.

I have learned
and sweated
a lot.

I would not trade my experience
for another.

I have made a lot of mistakes
I have done a lot of good

As time passes
as days and seasons and years
come to an end
and new beginnings lay untrodden ahead
I pray that my children will forgive
my weakness
I pray that they will know love
complete and soothing
I pray that the truth will be the largest and
heaviest and brightest thing in their minds:

They are loved and understood and accepted

They are this incredible mix of human and divine
and each one has the kind of potential that
stops me in my tracks as I stare in wonder
that they are in my keeping.
I get to learn from them 
and they can shape me into 
something beautiful.


Anonymous said...

beautiful words, beautiful photo makes for a beautiful you!!
xo and smiles~ jill

Dallas and Krista said...

Such truths of a mother. You wrote so beautifully the thoughts of my heart. Love you.

Kara said...

That was so pretty.Like.Really, it was. There is no other way to describe it. MUCH LOVE.

Abby said...

Can I take a turn as Brittany some day? If everyone sees the same color differently, I want to see the world like you do--just for one day...

Candice Renee said...

SOOOOO lovely!!! You're amazing...