Monday, October 10, 2011


The other day, I was having the little girls help me make a birthday cake.  I gave them each an egg to crack (that's right, I start 'em young).When the first one pulled the egg apart with her little fingers, the egg missed the bowl.  It plopped onto the counter and then slid from the counter to the chair and then guuuued slowly off the chair onto the floor.  It happened in slow motion and we all watched it silently.  Then my girl said clearly and calmly, "Oh, my gossss. I can't believe it."


Brit said...

heheheehehe so cute.
i let hayden crack eggs for pancakes and what not. and then i secretly fish out all the little shell shards after he walks away. :)

Rachel Small said...

Brittany- I JUST framed the picture you gave me over a year ago of Anna's tights and backpack. I found your business card in the back and checked out your website and blog. You are AMAZING. I've always known you were absolutely wonderful....I never knew it was to this extent! You're photography, your paintings, your blogs, your poems....everything is priceless!

I wish Anna were one year younger, because last year I was finally able allow my students to blog. I could have used you SO MUCH. I had no idea that you blogged. Now that I know this exists, I will use your blog to help my current would just have been so much cooler to have one of your kids in my class last year and this year. Good thing you have four more to come up my way!

You are so fabulous....thank you for all you do and share with the world!


Emma Jo said...

And that is why we keep having kids. They are adorable and sweet and can melt a heart with one simple phrase, even when it involves a cracked egg on the floor.

Steph said...

OMG that cracked me up (no pun intended)!

jenica said...

eeek. how cute!