Friday, July 22, 2005

Breaking (eyeball) News

In an attempt to poke his own eyeball out, a guadian angel swooped in to save this boy's day. The doctor and I thought it was lacerated and there was a chance of surgery. Alas, it was just the illusion of broken blood vessels and blood clots bulging his eyeball into a crazy nasty mess. 24 hours later, the swelling within the eyeball has gone down, and he is as good as new. (Except when you're looking at him.)





Digitalicat said...

Ouch. It hurts just to look at that.

Carrie Ann said...

I can't stop's so gross and evil-looking, but I can't tear my eyes away! Poor Isaac!

Suzie Petunia said...

My poor Oscar (now almost 2) had broken blood vessels all around his iris when he was a newborn... they said it was from all the pressure put on his head during labor - and I only pushed twice! It shouldn't be so traumatic to come into the world...or to STAY in it for that matter!