Monday, August 29, 2005

First Day of First Grade

Here are a couple pictures of #1 after she had spent the weekend carefully considering her wardrobe, hair, backpack, and lunch options. She likes to have things just so…



After having a sleepless night, she awoke and was too nervous to eat a good breakfast. (#3 ate #1's eggs and toast, and #1 snuck some zucchini bread.) We waited on the driveway for the bus, which seemed to take an eternity to come. I think she was already exhausted and the day had barely begun.

A little after 4:00pm, the bus dropped her off and she had had a wonderful day. I have heard all kinds of little details throughout the day. Morgan kept lifting up her dress and showing her underwear; Phoebe kept saying “shut up” and the girl who sits diagonal to her said, “enough with the ‘shut ups.’”; the girl who sits diagonal is not fat; she and Justine did everything together; Abigail gets off the bus before she does; the teacher taught them a special clap that they repeat so that they all know it’s time to listen; the teacher kept calling Connor the wrong name….

So, to celebrate, I told her she could choose whatever she wanted for dinner, which the immediate response was “Steamed clams at Browns.” That’s my girl. Off to Browns we went. Brown’s is a few miles away, and sits right on the marsh. It is a delightfully New England place where you simply can get fresh seafood. Steamed or fried. The only sides you can get are corn on the cob and fries. Anything else you would like to complete your meal, you are welcome to bring. But who needs anything but a heaping plate of fried food, or a mound of clams or a lobster with warm butter?





Needless to say, my girl had a bellyache on the way home and needed plenty of fresh air.


Carrie Ann said...

I REALLY wish I could have been there. I love those types of days. Anna's lucky to have a mom who has the good sense to make a big deal out of those days.

Amy Lynn said...

Oh Brittany. What a charmed, beautiful life! I know everyone has their ups and downs and trials but if I could have a wonderful back patio, New England air & scenery, and fresh seafood at the local joint, I bet I'd function better! :>) (Right? The grass is always greener...) Your children are GORGEOUS! I love the first day of school. Nothing like it in the world. I still lose sleep the night before the kids start school! Jacob starts preschool this week and I'm so excited and nervous and sad. I love having my children around me but I also realize I've got to let them go spread their wings. He can't wait! I love that you have a blog!

Abby said...

SO CUTE! I love the cute New England family! And I love that she told you every detail--I hope that never changes for you two.