Sunday, October 16, 2005

Land HO!

This is one thing I can deal with as a parent:

“HEEEELP! I can’t hold on any looonger!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll save you! Reach out, I’m almost theeeere!”

Just hearing them play “fort” brings back the memories. Imaginations running wild.

I have grandparents from Arizona. In the summers, we would visit them for a week at a time and were turned loose to do as we would with whatever there was to do it with. My favorite thing (besides reading on the porch swing in the wind) was the four-wheeler. They had (I have no idea how many) acres of land, and we rode all day long if we could. One memory that I hold dear is this: I was wandering around aimlessly, probably noting the clouds or looking for lizards as one does in Arizona, and my sister, Brooke came tearing around the corner on the four-wheeler. “Come on!! They’ve found us and they’re coming after us!”

I needed no more clues—we were on an adventure! I hopped on the back and said, “GO, GO, GOOO!!! I think I see them coming!” She sped up and we were off on our imaginary adventure. She whispered (loud enough for me to hear over the speeding engine), “wow, you caught on quick.” Well, that’s because, what’s better than a great chase? Or pirates catching up with your ship? Or hanging on for dear life with your last two fingers before you plummet down the sheer face of a 4000 foot cliff? Everything always turns out great. You always save the day. You are the hero.

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Anonymous said...

Pretend is SOOOOOO much better than reality! Maybe I'll pretend I have half a life and quit blogging and go to bed!!