Thursday, February 9, 2006

One large pizza, half cheese, half pepperoni, and one appendix, please

Chinese New Year will never be celebrated the same for the Soucy family again. Now it commemorates a new lease on life—the fact that we’re all actually alive and kicking.

As I left, pizza box in hand and three kids in tow, I got the dreaded phone call: “They’re sending me to the emergency room…it has all the symptoms of appendicitis.”

Here I sit at the computer one week later, yet it feels much longer than that. Yes, Jake no longer has all his parts. His appendix has been removed. Several nights alone in bed with him at the hospital, hundreds of prayers, and about 20 zits later, life is resuming normalcy.

Thank you for your prayers and support, those of you who knew that we needed them. The kids and I needed them as much as Jake did. And once again miracles were performed in our behalf and faith and testimonies of Divinity have been strengthened.

So, how’ve ya’ll been?


Anonymous said...

Good to hear everything's okay. We're done pukin' (for now - knock on wood!).

Abby said...

Looks like my misdirected prayers weren't so misdirected after all, eh? I knew they'd be good for something. Who needs an appendix anyway, right? Useless things, but a super-pain to go through, sorry.