Wednesday, March 8, 2006


-There are little green things coming up out of the ground and that brings me such joy, I was dancing in the yard. My boy kept repeating me “do you know what this means? Spring is coming!” and I kept telling him: These are going to be daffodils. These are going to be irises, and these are going to be daylilies! These! Look little tiny pieces of catmint are popping up! And look at these…

-Jake has to have another surgery to figure out what those dang things are inside of his abdomen. I keep wondering how nervous I should be. Am I too nervous or not nervous enough? How do you gage these things? Am I being strong enough for him, or does he not want me to “be strong?”

-School is back in and that makes me happy and sad.

-I just read that the Bachelor and the one he chose have already broken up. That’s another season of the Bachelor that was a complete unsatisfying waist of time. The last one where Jen Shepf or whatever her name was didn’t choose anyone made me so mad, cause the finale was like three hours long and after watching intently for three hours, you want SOMEONE to end up dating. And now this season, poor poor…what was her name?? I felt her stupification that he really didn’t connect with her in the same way she had with him and she just drove away in the limo feeling “so foolish” and now she’ll probably never open up to anyone again cause she was already so jaded to begin with. (Is stupifiaction a word, cause my computer is telling me it’s not, but it so accurately describes my feelings about this issue…) Maybe next time the bachelor is on I will be strong enough to not watch it.

-Is there a way to stop hating cleaning so much? I mean you always are going to have to clean. There’s no way out of it. It can be satisfying, but when the kids constantly make messes, the satisfaction only lasts for a moment. Can somebody speak encouraging words to me?

- I just entered a contest. That is so not like me. But I had this drive to do it. I did a bunch of scrapbook pages for Chatterbox. My intentions are to eventually become a designer for them and be paid for something so great like being creative. The grand prize is $10,000, so I’m already planning on what I’m going to do with the money when they show up at my door with a six foot foam backed check with my name on it. What, I can dream. Don’t give me that look. Even if I don’t win, I have some great scrapbook pages for my posterity, so it wasn’t in vain. I ain’t dum.


emma jo said...

I went to a church thing for women once where one of the speakers talked about laundry and cleaning as having no begining or end--they are eternal principles. Sometimes this makes me feel less frustrated (i.e. the day I do all the laundry ends with new dirty laundry on the floor) and sometimes it makes me want to shake my fists at the sky and weep, openly.

kara said...

Cleaning keeps your family healthy. There is less of a chance of Jake getting some sort of infection after surgery if things are clean. Does that help? I don't know what else to say. When things aren't clean I feel gross, when they are, I feel good. Someday your kids will be out of the house and you'll only have to vaccuum once a week and your carpet will always have those lines on it. It will be those times when it will make you want people around because things are so neat and clean and you have no one to share it with!

Tori said...

So, what's up with Jake's abdomen? Tell me more. I wrote about cleaning a little on my blog in response to yours. I didn't catch the Batchelor this time around. Are you an American Idol fan? Can't wait to see what you submitted to should post them on your blog whether you win or not. I'm sure they are amazing as is all your artwork.

brittany said...

emma jo: I already do shake my fists at the sky and weep openly. It doesn't seem to help. But it does help to know that I am not the only one hating it.

Kara: I can't imagine being sad that the vacuum lines stay for longer than an hour. But who knows. Maybe if they stay for 2 months and I have to vacuum over the vacuum tracks just to vacuum up dust, that might seem useless enough to miss people. Hmmm.

Tori: When the whole thing happened with the appendix, there was some abnormal mass that was in there. They thought it was an absess filled with the fluid from his appendix, but it turned out to be sterill (sp?), so they decided to watch it. When they went in laproscopicly (SP?) the surgen couldn't even see the mass, but he thinks it's because they had drained it previously. When he went in for his follow up a couple weeks later, the mass was large again and when they did an ultrasound, they saw that there were two masses. Since they are sore, they want to take them out and figure out what they are. Whew!

I do like american Idol although I do forget to watch consitently...

I'm not allowed to post the pictures during the contest, but afterwards, I will gladly post them!

Anonymous said...

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