Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Denver's antics


the resemblance is more than skin deep
our lives intertwine though
different hours we sleep

inadequacy is no matter here
when family accepts you
in spite of your fears

women heal


Tori said...

love that...your are all so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Where did your brown hair come from? Maybe the milkman? Hmmmm.......

Lianne said...

What a beautiful picture and a beautiful and true sentiment.

brittany said...

LC: That's what everyone says about Isaac: Where did he get that blonde hair? Maybe I should carry this picture around with me for the response.

Tori said...

I love that you have brown hair...like me. Remember my mom is the only brown haired girl while your mom and Judy are blondes. Runs in the family!

Bohemian Girl said...

your family is gorgeous.

i am assuming this is a pic of your sisters and marmie??

funny...my dad is really dark and my mother is uber-white with red hair. the three of us girls turned out with dark hair (although they got the blue/green eyes and mine are light brown).

we used to tease my mom about being adopted.

been fun catching up on your blog...getting to know you better.

loved this poem.


Kara said...

I cried when I read that. I love you.