Thursday, June 29, 2006

Let's Build a Stairway to the Stars

I have spent three days traveling just about non-stop. I had to find people to help with my children, find rides at every turn and cancel commitments. It was worth the effort.


I was able to stand graveside as they lowered the body that does not resemble my grandfather anymore, but which once held his lively and vibrant spirit. My hair blew wildly and my skirt flew up over my head and the flowers escaped their holding place on his coffin in the wind/sand storm after the service had ended. We are sure he sent the wind. Most of the people had left before the sand had filled their eyes, noses and mouths, but I stood still in the world where nothing was still in the wind’s fury. I felt my grandpas’ exit in my personal stillness. I felt peace. Frozen in time. My sweet grandmamma watched from her safe car window as we put things back in their place with a combination of sandy smiles and tears.


He was a good man. Feisty and foresighted. A man of the world, he took care of others in his own way whether it was financially or with his sense of humor. He was an entrepreneur. A cowboy. A man’s man; a charmer. A saint and a sinner. A mayor. A lover of desserts and a hater of goodbyes. I wonder what he knows right now that he didn’t before. I bet it’s a comfort to no longer be within a body that held his memory captive. I hope he saw his genes passed down through the generations that celebrated his life. I saw resemblances everywhere I looked. Some were physical, some were soulful.


Susannah said...

what a beautiful post, honouring your grandfather. he was with you that day, oh yes... thank you for the lovely comment you just left me - bless you sweetheart. i will remember your words when i'm back in the pit of guilt (ooh, so that will be in five minutes or so :-) thank you, you've inspired me...

Tori said...

I knew you would write something perfect about Grandpa, better than I ever could. I, too, believe he was there while we all chased after flowers blowing in the wind. I can just hear him telling that story...makes me smile.

So glad to have shared those moments with you in person! I love you, my sweet cousin!

Abby said...

Beautifully written.

Suzie Petunia said...

I am sorry for your family's loss. He sounds like a wonderful man. Your words for him are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful. What a wonderful post.

I love ya!