Wednesday, July 19, 2006

8.2 miles


A drive that takes me all of 12 minutes
can take me to contentment.
On the days when grey is veiling color,
the distant storm threatening to break loose,
it is a haven that brings inner peace.
On the days when stifling heat
drains all the energy
and leaves it helpless on the floor,
it is a retreat that can leave you
refreshed and shivering.
entertainment or solitude
relaxation or rejuvenation
the ebbs and flows of life
are always more enjoyable
along the sandy shore.


Anonymous said...

Really, only 8.2 miles? I'll try not to be too jealous considering I have to hop a plane with a 2-year-old to get to the beach...


Susannah said...

B, this is beautiful x

Tori said...

It was only 120 degrees here at my house yesterday (I am not kidding), and I am SIX DRIVING HOURS away from the beach. *sobbing*