Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Name That Song

The Rules:

1. Please DO NOT guess in the comment section. E-mail me (see my profile page for my e-mail address).
2. I really send a prize, so be honest and fair. (If you can sing it when you read the lyrics, you know it.)
3. Previous winners may still play.
4. Be the FIRST to e-mail me with the correct song title & artist and win.
Good Luck!

This month's lyric is:

We could ride the surf together
While our love would grow
In my woody I would take you everywhere I go
So I say from me to you
I will make your dreams come true
Do you love me do you, surfer girl?


Jessa said...

I emailed your regular email, like the rules specify..... I hope I am the winner!!!! :)

Susannah said...

I haven't got a clue :-) but i just wanted to say that YOU, my friend, are also magnificent *smiles*

brittany said...

why thank you, Susannah;)

Congratulations to my good friend Jessa! The winner of Name That Song! The song is Surfer Girl by the Beach Boys--the one where he's singing about the girl that makes his heart come all undone. That song ALWAYS makes me happy.

Until next time, this is Brittany, signing out, wishing you all happy singing. (said in an announcer voice)