Sunday, July 2, 2006

Sunday Scribblings: Two Peas in a Pod


My oldest daughter is just like her father. I’m always telling her, “You and daddy are like two peas in a pod.” In fact I learn about one from the other and visa versa. If I have a frustration with one, I go to the other to try and figure the other one out. The older my daughter gets, the more obvious this has become. I used to think she had pieces of me, but if she does, it’s neither here nor there, because trace amounts pretty much equals nothing.


They are both very cautious and never even get close to the boundaries. When hubs and I went to the Grand Canyon, for example, it nearly gave him a heart attack when I would get close to the edge to take in the drama of the huge drop. He would tell me to stay away from the edge and remind me that they put up those ropes for a reason. They are not rule breakers or risk takers. They have massive amounts of integrity. If, for example, I get everyone into the car, in their car seats and all the bags loaded in, and there is something that was hiding underneath all the chaos that we forgot to pay for, there is no time to be tempted to just drive away—daughter #1 is making sure that I take it back into the store and let them know what happened. They are both manipulative, and they would both be very mad at me for even thinking that, let alone write it for the whole blogosphere to read, because it’s not something that they mean to do. It comes naturally, and most of the time it works and they get what they want. I love them in spite of this—in fact, I probably have received many compliments and favors because of this. They both have depths of love and loyalty. Neither of them is ever content to stay at home for extended periods of time. There have been times when I have gone for days without leaving my home/yard, but that is only when they were at work and school. Just a quick trip will do, but if they don’t go somewhere, they get very grumpy. They are perfectionists, noticing details that I don’t take the time to notice. My final draft is often my first draft, but not my little loves’. Daughter #1 has received many compliments and much praise for her neat handwriting. Both are thoughtful and pensive. Both like their clothes to fit just so, to be tucked in just right and prefer to be clean and tidy, a far cry from my dressing habits. I have seen each one organize their own spaces and it’s hilarious to see them place objects in a specific order that is only known to them. I am very unorganized and will probably put them both in the loony bin. They both have a hard time jumping into the cold water and would prefer to stay on the sand than swim in the sea. They both get grumpy when they have waited too long to eat. They both love steamed clams and lobster, and share many similar tastes in food.


The similarities are endless and I learn more about each of them daily. I am lucky to have these two peas. I will always have loyal love in my life, I will never get too far off track and will balanced out of my sloppy ways. There will always be insightful conversation in my life. Because of their influence, I push myself harder and do things a little better.


Yesterday we had our first harvest—peas, of course.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the note on my blog. I'm having a rough weekend. I liked yours - it's so cute how alike they are! Take care!


Abby said...

She is beautiful, and so is everything about where you live. They sound like two peas from a pod I can relate to!

emma jo said...

Abby stole my comment...your family and home is beautiful! It feel like just the sort of place one would go to relax and feel welcome and at home.

Michelle said...

What beautiful pictures. I am often amazed at the genetic reflections that I see in my children...I like how you wrote this.

alyndabear said...

Great post -- I loved reading about your daughter and partner's similarities in personality. I bet there is more of you in there than meets the eye, though.

Thanks for the lovely insight into your family.


MiandMiksmom said...

This is awesome! Fun post to read and beautiful pictures!

Going For Greatness said...

Funny how your two peas came from the same pod but the pod (you) are so completely different! (you and I sound very much alike!)
Love your post, your photos are beautiful and I loved following along the lane of words you wrote, very nice, picturesque read!!

Bohemian Girl said...

i so enjoyed learning about these two. your husband and daughter are gorgeous and you can see the similar twinkles in their eyes.

you are blessed dear friend.