Monday, August 28, 2006

Something Cool

I’ll post pictures of my trip and tell you about our fun times and sick times when I have a little more time—I just wanted to post a link. I’m one of a few women with a layout being spotlighted on Homegrown Scrapbooks’ blog. Horray! How fun.

Check in latah.


adrienne said...

Your page is wonderful! I would love to be able to enlarge it so I can see more of the details. I have been a closet reader for quite some time, and I just wanted to let you know how wonderful all the different parts of you are! There is so much that I can relate to you-granted I have only met you once and 2 months ago at that. Anyways-just wanted to let you know.

brittany said...

Hello! are you Ted's Adrienne? Welcome. Glad to get you out of the closet, and thank you for the compliments!

You can enlarge the page by clicking on my name--it takes you to my "two peas in a bucket" profile page, and then you scroll down. you should see it there and you can click on it and it will enlarge. also on my sidebar I put a link to my 2 peas page. (I'm a newbie, but it's already fun!)

I've been taking some of my blog posts and scrapbooking them. It's been fun.