Wednesday, August 2, 2006

SPC: enclosed spaces


I don’t have to go far to get a little uncomfortable and claustrophobic…Inside my head thoughts swim around in a constant muck. I try to get them to go where they are supposed to go and stay there, but my brain doesn’t have seatbelts like other brains must. Ask me a specific question, and the answer is in there, but first I have to scramble around in the muck. Throw me off balance and put a little pressure on me, and there’s no hope of finding the exact thing I need. It’s a bunch of chaos in there and sometimes it’s just too much for me. I can’t complete simple tasks, or concentrate on starting something, let alone finish something. Help! I call out, and I go take a little blue pill and the muck stops splashing around in there and I can focus a little better. But the muck is still there.


b/sistersshoes said...

Muck...what a good word to describe the fog that can fill our brains.

Hers's a little big/sis advice:

1. Make a 'thought' list
2. Rate them for importance (1-10)
3. Cross off static thoughts
4. Take a baby step
5. Give yourself an emotional hug

You are wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, creative, a tender loving soul :)

I choose Darlene

Kara said...

How boring I must be to not have muck in my head. Imagine never having anything else to think about except exactly what is going on in that moment and how you can get it done the fastest way possible. Only a truly creative person can brag about muck!

Anonymous said...

A glimpse into your mind - sounds mucky! Throw three kids in the mix and it's extra mucky with some fog on top!

I've got pregnant brain so I'm in my own sort of muck all the time.

Love ya!


Abby said...

I'll take Kara's muck-free zone, please! Please? I understand the "muck" all too well...wait, what were we just talking about?

Jessa said...

The best advice I've heard is "Don't sweat the small stuff."
That might cut down on the muck....
Kara is right - only the most fabulous of the fabulous get the brain muck! :)


Alli said...

I think we're the same person in our heads. You spoke what I feel to the "T"...completely accurately.

Thanks, my fingers are tired of typing, glad you put it in words for me, I'm lazy and too mucky today to have done it myself.

Bohemian Girl said...

it sounds like overwhelm to me. i so resonate with that.

i always find moments of clarity when i slow down and also stop being hard on myself for being overwhelmed.

you are beautiful...even in the muck.


Tammy said...

Beautiful shot but I'm sorry for the muck. You have been given great advice :)

Sarah said...

Gorgeous picture. :-)