Friday, September 1, 2006

Grateful Friday


~This is a picture of #1 waiting for the bus. Can you see that she is doing better? For this I am grateful. She still needs encouragement, and I’m sure she always will—that’s what moms are for.

~Jake bought plants for my garden.

~#2 is asleep. I love it when he falls asleep and takes a random nap. He needs that, the little ball of energy.

~The weather is beautiful.

~I have some new shoes. (thanks, mamacita!) (They’re so cute!!!)

~Even though I am not always ready to be completely open with blogging, there are some people who are, and I am always learning from them.


b/sistersshoes said...

Brittany~ Just did some catching up with you :)
Every photo is precious and your children are adorable...and I do mean soooo beautiful!
Your parents house is a dream!
Happy belated B-Day to hubby

And...I loved your stretching photo...just lovely and speaks of the peace you feel while being there.

missed ya xxx darlene

Abby said... I really sitting here wishing I looked like your daughter? How old is she? How old am I?

emma jo said...

How many times a day do you hear how beautiful your children are? They are gorgeous and I am so glad that she is happier going to school!
And as much as I love seeing the kiddos, what about a picture of those new shoes?