Sunday, October 1, 2006

Sunday Scribblings: Skin

If you peel away the armor is something underneath
If you look below for hidden treasure
underneath another layer
Are you hiding underneath the skin
If you peel away the skin is there anybody there
If you peel away the armor
is it too late to begin
Is there anybody hiding
if you peel away the skin
Now a spark has passed between us now
A momentary recognition
Something lost and something gained
And something shared that feels strange
Something cold that will not go away
There's a heart as cold as ice
In a vault that's made of stone
Over years the walls got higher
Over years the walls have grown
Is there anybody in there
in this self inflicted tomb
If you peel away the layers
is there someone in this room
If you peel away the skin
if you peel away the skin

Skin by Oingo Boingo

Many years ago I took a ride with my cousin in his cool car. He put on Oingo Boingo and I was enamored. I felt so old and mature. (What a laugh, looking back!) I went home and bought the album. These lyrics belong to that girl who rode in that car. What a deep concept for a naïve girl. As I walked through the halls of my little high school, I thought about each person I passed and wondered who they were underneath it all. I considered the possibility that I too am hiding out behind my own skin.

Over the years I have remained cognizant of the times I am hiding beneath my skin and not letting my whole self show. I have tried to get to know others in the same way. Some people are definitely more willing to share their soul, while others prefer hiding behind anything physical, whether it is their skin or their possessions. It is always hard for me to be patient with the latter (even if it’s me).


I do believe that there is indeed something underneath the skin. I’ve always been a big believer in the doctrine of the Soul—the spirit and the body combine to make a soul. Recognition does pass between souls; I have felt it. You can communicate spirit to spirit; I have done it. There is communication with God and answers to prayer; I have received it.

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Crafty Green Poet said...

Yes I agree there's definitely something under the skin and definitely its possible to communicate soul to soul. Good post, I like the poem you shared.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Love the photo. Named the kittens yet? Oingo and Boingo.

Love ya!


b/sistersshoes said...

good inner seeking

my favorite part? spritual communication w/God....nothing soothes the soul like a good heart to heart :)


Abby said...

Amen, ladies. Sometimes my comments just don't belong--nice post.

Tori said...

Would this cousin be Kert? I wonder if he realizes how those rides in his car listening to his music influenced our little minds. :)