Monday, January 15, 2007

Meme Monday


1) Who is the last person you high-fived? My Boy
2) If you were drafted into a war, would you survive? Yes, I’d thrive under the pressure, but upon my return home, I would fall into a deep depression
3) Do you sleep with the TV on? No, but Jake likes to put on the sleep timer sometimes while he falls asleep
4) Have you ever drank milk straight out of the carton? Hasn’t everyone? Seriously?
5) Have you ever won a spelling bee? No.
6) Have you ever been stung? No.
7) How fast can you type? I have no idea
8) Are you afraid of the dark? I love the dark—I’ll do things at night by moonlight. (even shower)
9) What is your eye color? Blue
10)What color is your hair? Brown
11) Do you ever wear the same clothes twice without washing them? I am today, in fact
12)Do you smoke? Nope
13) Are you drinking anything right now? No, but I think I will as soon as I’m done with this
14) Favorite animal as a kid? I think I went through all of them at some point.
15) Can you hoola hoop? Yes.
16) Do you know how to make a fire? I’m very skilled at this. I make a fire close to every day in the winter. Plus my days as a councilor at a wilderness camp taught me to make them with no matches…
17) What’s your sign? Scorpio.
18) Favorite cereal: depends on the week. Right now, I love Basic 4.
19) Do you talk in your sleep? Sometimes
20)Been swimming in the ocean? You bet. It's the best. We pretty much live at the beach in the Summer.
21) Have you ever flown a kite? Yes
22)Ever ridden a horse? Yes, I used to take English style riding lessons.
23) How many people are on your contact list of your cell? About 40
24) Have you ever asked for a pony? No.
25) Plans for tomorrow? They might change if it ends up being a snow day for the kids…then I think we’ll make some Valentines Day crafties
26) Can you juggle? Not really
27) What are you reading right now? East of Eden (again...the 3rd time.)
28) How are you feeling today? Fine, thanks. I do have a headache now, but I took my daughter to the hearing doc and when we got back my kids didn’t want the babysitter to leave yet, so I went to work out and it felt really really good to work out at noon instead of 6 am. We just had chocolate chip cookies and next we’re going to a movie. Plus I got some cool pictures of the icy weather…


29) Have you ever been suspended or expelled from school? No, but plenty of detention. Actually, I was suspended from a field trip once…
30) What are you looking forward to? Brookie coming to visit me
31) Have you ever crawled through a window? yes
32) Have you ever eaten dog food? No. and do you know what really bugs me? When they show people letting dogs lick inside people’s mouths on America’s Funniest home Videos. That’s just disgusting. If you have a habit of doing something like that, you should not let anyone else see it, because…well, it’s seriously disgusting.
33) Movies you can quote line for line? Sleepless in Seattle, Goonies, Raising Arizona…
34) Favorite fast food breakfast? Fast food? That has no place in my life.
35) What 3 things can always be found in your refrigerator? milk, eggs, butter
36) Any cool scars? Not that I’d like to share…
38) What do you do when no one is watching? Sing really loud
39) Do you like dancing? yes, but only when no one is watching
40) Who did you last talk to on the phone? Brooke
41) Where was the last place you ate? Hmmmmm……I can’t remember…..(I’ve got 3 kids, I don’t get out that much.)
42) What is the last movie watched? Charlotte’s Web
43) What song did you hear last? Moment of Forgiveness by the Indigo Girls
44) How many emails do you get a day? real emails? A few…


Tori said...

I love these pictures...especially the one with the red berries. I want to enlarge it and have it framed so I can look at it when it is 249438479376 degrees this summer.

I love reading about you and your life. Makes me feel much closer to you...

Brooke is coming to see you? Can I come with?

Suzie Petunia said...

I've seen you dance, girl! Don't you still crank up "Bird house in your soul" or "Dancing with myself" like the good old days at stake dances?

Your pictures are amazing. Really beautiful.

Clairissa said...

What camera did you get? Love the pics!! :)

The Whole Self said...

those are such beautiful pictures! that's what it looks like here, today, too.

Dini said...

I loved this. The pictures are beautiful especially the one of the berries. We live south of Boston so we were spared the ice. But I am waiting and waiting for some snow! That's so nice that Brooke is coming for a visit! Tell her I love her!

Kara said...

Awesome pictures, sad if your pants die though! I like this idea and I copied you on my blog, but you are missing number 37???

brittany said...

I got the digital rebel xt-canon. I'm in love with it.

Krista Tanner said...

Oh my gosh. Those pictures. Seriously? Seriously. (Grey's Anatomy...) But Seriously wow. I would buy those prints if i could. Just beautiful. So much for v-day crafties... because of the dreaded illness! Love your photoshopping by the way

Abby said...

I love the pictures of your life.