Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Winter Wood Arrives


I think
I could have
built a little house
to live in

with the single cord--
half seasoned, half not--
trucked into the
driveway and

tumbled down. But, instead,
friends came
and together we stacked it
for the long, cold days

that are--
maybe the only sure thing in the world--
coming soon.
How to keep warm

is always a problem,
isn't it?
Of course, there's love.
And there's prayer.

I don't belittle them,
and they have warmed me,
but differently,
from the heart outwards.

what swirls fo frost will cling
to the windows, what white lawns
I will look out on

as I rise from morning prayers,
as I remember love, that leaves yet never leaves,
as I go out into the yard
and bring the wood in

with struggling steps,
with stuggling thoughts,
bundle by bundle
to be burned.

Mary Oliver


Krista said...

Oh thismakes me miss your cozy fires. Thanks heavens for that sweet little oven.

emma jo said...

Beautiful, warm thoughts that smell like a crackling fire!!
You are so talented...loved Abby's banner!

Anonymous said...

I love Mary Oliver