Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Good, the Bad and some Poetry


  • Esther, a saintly woman who has lived a beautiful and long life has come down with stomach cancer. She will live out the rest of her life at home with her family surrounding her. The women in our church group are making a quilt for her—each one her own square as a gift of love for our friend. When it is done, Esther will wrap it around her and feel the love snuggled all around her. I think that’s a lovely thought.


  • I’ve been going through the process of figuring out what to do with ADD problems about my daughter with her doctor and teacher. I am frustrated with the stigma attached to ADD. I don’t think most people are educated about it and make unfair judgments. At this point I watch what she is going through and it breaks my heart to know from experience how she is being affected. Her desk is separated from the other children and scooted right next to the teacher’s desk, and her class work is still not being completed. Her confidence is waning. She doesn’t understand why she isn’t able to accomplish what is asked of her when she wants to please her teacher and everyone else around her seems to be able to do what she can’t.

  • I think we get to go to California during February break. I’m already looking forward to seeing mi familia. It will be nice to see some live plants, too!

  • I’m going to order pizza for dinner and take the night off (from cooking). Then after the kids are in bed I’m going out to the barn to create. I can’t wait. Wanna join me?


    Here’s a poem for poetry Thursday. It’s by Mary Oliver, again…I just love her poems!


    It doesn’t have to be
    the blue iris, it could be
    weeds in a vacant lot, or a few
    small stones; just
    pay attention, then patch

    a few words together and don’t try
    to make them elaborate, this isn’t
    a contest but the doorway

    into thanks, and a silence in which
    another voice may speak.


Anonymous said...

Hiya! I love the post. Poor Anna Banana. It sounds like even her teacher isn't handling it that well. I love the quilt idea. Quilts are so wonderful. Life is like a patchwork quilt - remember? Tonight is Grey's Anatomy night - does that help???


Left-handed Trees... said...

I'm sorry to hear about the woman from your church...and about your little one's struggles. I can so completely and utterly relate to this as I see the things my boy-o has to go through with his learning issues right now. Sigh...I wish the school system could be different for my bright, divergent, creative son.
Love to you,

emma jo said...

I am sorry. It breaks my heart to think of others judging and critiquing my child and she's only in Kindergarten. Bless 'em, bless 'em all.

Abby said...

Beautiful...don't get me started on the school/teacher/grading/standardized test/giving kids a negative self image bc they don't think or learn the "right" way--issues I'm going to have to deal with one day soon...

Kathleen said...

your poem is beautiful...

and the image of your daughter in her classroom breaks my heart. argh.
i have separated students for short amounts of time, or when they need to concentrate. for example, i have students with a.d.d. who i let sit in a corner, with a clipboard, away from the others so they can write, or read, or work on math.
setting the child up for success really is the key.


there are so many creative, smarter-than-hell people who were a.d.d. when they were kids. highlighting that for my kids has helped with their self-esteem, too.

i am hoping for an open heart for your daughter's teacher and for the strength that is needed for you and your sweet angel.

Krista said...

That image of Anna makes me want to cry. I wish that teacher could help her in a more proactive way. I am so sad for her self esteem because she is beautiful and fun and sweet and loving and I want her to know those things about herself... not that she's "different"- because she isn't- she is Anna. That "E" is beautiful, did you do it? I want to join you in the barn so baldy- and in Cali too. I looked for tickets to see if I could come- a little pricey- too bad!

Kara said...

Oh Britt, I send prayers and love your way daily. It's the only way In know how to be there and still be on the other side of the country. Give Anna a big hug from Aunt Kara and let her know I can't wait to see her!

Bohemian Girl said...

oh my friend...your heart feels heavy and i completely can see why.

the quilt idea is a warm and beautiful one and will be cherished by Esther and her family. gift made from the hands and heart are so healing.

i am so sorry your daughter is struggling with all of this. i am so glad she has you there to understand and help her to not feel alone. it is a journey but i know with you as her mother, she will climb these mountains and reach the top stronger than most.

i am here if you need me.

love you. xoxo