Thursday, August 23, 2007

ode to the birthday boy


drinker of beer and ale
(from the root- and ginger-, of course)
eyes of brown and green
your hair is starting to grey

you have spent 35 years
perfecting everything around you
noticing details that are missed by most

giver of self
even on the day of your birth
you spend serving those
who have received an aching loss

lover of nature
tickler of the monkeys
mower of the grass on your new slick ride

you make me


Suzie Petunia said...

Very sweet. Happy Birthday to him. :)

emma jo said...

Happy Birthday! And are we to assume it is on this very day, the 23rd of August? the very best day of the year for a birthday? From one birthday person to another, have a great day good man!

Tori said...

Happy Birthday Jake!

Loren turns 40 on Sunday (the 26th). Crazy how time flies!

Love you my sweet Britt!

paige said...

so sweet

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear Jakey...happy birthday to you!

Cheers to you my friends! Enjoy the day you celebrate Jake~


Brooke said...

Oh I love that Jacob. I remember meeting him, when he had his big, burly beard and long hair. Such a hippy, outdoorsy guy. Such a serious guy, but the biggest teaser ever. Sarcasm is his friend. One of the most sincere and hard working, good guys on the face of the planet. Happy day Jake. David is right behind you...staring 35 in the face.

Kara said...

Wow, you're old! tee hee. I was just trying to disquise the fact that this entry was sweeter than honey and it made me pink with pride that I get to have him as part of my family! Happy Day Jake, we love you!

Krista said...

Happy Day (very late in my style) to the good man. Thanks for making my sis the happiest gal she could be. You are a dream and we are all lucky to have a tiny peice of you.

jake said...

Holy smokes! I decided to read my Sweeters blog out of the blue and found this "Ode" and all these little comments to me. I guess I should stop quiddling and get into this thing more often. Thanks everyone! Made my Monday.