Monday, November 26, 2007

*the coolest pantry ever*


I just thought I'd share a few pictures of Jake's dad and Nancy's pantry. Every time I go over to thier house I just stand there and look at it. Then I walk in and out of it and touch things. Nancy is a potter and all those dishes are one-of-a-delicious-kind. Roger can make anything under the sun; he designed and built this. It is a functioning piece of art in there, I tell you.

spices and mugs



Paige said...

Seriously cool. Where is the food?

Wendy said...

That makes me nervous just thinking about using one of them. What happens if one of them breaks?

Laini Taylor said...

Wow, what a great spot! I love beautiful dishes, and I dream of having nice shelf space some day!

emma jo said...

ohh, it gives me chills. Simply beautiful.

brittany said...

Wendy, own lots of her pottery and it's pretty durable! You can't be afraid to use pottery! If it breaks may it rest in peace, but there is always more to be had.

Paige, the food is in the cupboard. They don't stock up much:)

Boho Girl said...

oh my...what a dream.

i would love to have this someday.

does she sell her pottery?

brittany said...

yes, her link is on my sidebar, "ipswich pottery." I've been trying to urge her to sell some online. I'll have to post pictures of her gallery. unbelievable.

Jessi said...

That is amazing. I'm drooling on my keyboard.