Saturday, November 17, 2007


my view as I went running tonight

9-number of miles I ran this week. (hey, it’s better than last week…)
22-number of questions on Brooke’s Birthday quiz about ME
4-number of people asleep in my house
315-number of songs in “My Top Rated” playlist
85-average number of visitors to my blog per comment (I wonder why?)
32-how old I’m going to be tomorrow
245-number of posts on my blog
6-what time I’ll be awakened in the morning
687-how many kisses I’ve given my little family today
81-how many times I’ve craved chocolate today
2-how many times I've given in


Anonymous said...

Oooohh tomorrow is the BIG DAY! Getting older? Heck yeah!


Brooke said...

Hey are you liking The Killers to run to? Or John Mayer to think to? just wondering. I forget to ask you when we are on the phone.

Celia Fae said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow! May all your lurkers wish you well.... Did you really do that math?

Clairissa said...

Way to go on the running! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :)

Dini said...

Love the picture!

9 miles - impressive to me
22 questions - i think i got a few right...i have a good memory
85 visitors - you are popular! I bet they love your art!
32 years - oh so young
2 times given in - I say good for you! That's tough.

Happy day to you!

Left-handed Trees... said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Wendy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITT! I love you friend. I hope you have a wonderful day.

brittany said...

celia: okay, I totally made that up about the comments, but that's what it seems like. I don't know what the accurate number would be. I'm not worried about it--I don't comment on other people's blogs every time I read them...

I don't check my statcounter very often, but if i do, I'm always surprized because the amount of visitors is so much higher than the people who actually comment. So I randomly picked a number, I did not do the math. :)

calibosmom said...

Happy Birthday Britt...I'll always remember I started blogging on your birthday!

Suzie Petunia said...

Happy Birthday to you! Where is your birthday post? :) I hope you had a very, very happy day.

Boho Girl said...

happy belated birthday, my love.

xoxo celebrating you.