Thursday, February 7, 2008

34 things about the birthday girl

1. Brooke is also affectionately known as: Brooga/Bruce/Brookery/Brookie/Booger/Kiwi
2. She loves the Color Code. She always is figuring out what color everyone is. If she has talked to you for 5 minutes, I bet she has you pegged for a color or color- combo. It’s quite astounding and often quite accurate.
3. She is a yellow/red
4. She loves the sun.
5. She’s made for phoenix. Once when I was on the phone with her, her kids wanted her to go swimming and she said, “no, it’s not hot enough yet.” And then she looked at the thermometer and it read 110. “oh, I guess it is hot enough,” she said.
6. She is a talker. She can make conversation with anyone. I’ve always been impressed with this gift. Most of the social skills I have, I learned from my mom and Brooke. There has been many an awkward conversation where I have thought, “I wish Brooke were here—she’d know what to say…”


7. She is perfectly matched in her marriage
8. She believes in personal revelation and uses it daily
9. She is very organized.

10. She is turning into a history buff
11. She had a pink strawberry heart birthday cake for years growing up (I’m not complaining—I loved that cake!)
12. she inspires me
13. Brooke and I have shared the lips of 4 boys
14. she danced competitively for years
15. she is still a beautiful and graceful dancer


16. she rocks the racquetball court
17. she has tiny bone structure and a toned body (lucky hard working girl!)
18. She has the longest eyelashes!
19. She has beautiful blue eyes
20. She is a mother of autism
21. She loves the beach—she can stay there aaaall day. (she takes after my mom that way—I’m more of a 2-to-4-hour-at-a-time beach-goer, but then again, I have that luxury)
22. she drinks a chocolate/banana/peanut butter protein shake every morning
23. she is a really good scout leader
24. When she was maybe 12? her favorite color was bright yellow and she had all matching bright yellow accessories. I still remember her purse perfectly. I was always impressed at her commitment to one single color.
25. she’s a “do-er”—the girl never sits still and it’s amazing what she can get done
26. She is service oriented. Usually when I call, she is just returning or getting ready to take a meal to someone/go visiting teaching/ teach a scout lesson/volunteer in a child’s classroom...
27. she was voted best looking in the yearbook (I can’t remember if it was her freshman year?)
28. she was homecoming queen her sophomore year in HS
29. she had an awesome totally 80’s prom dress that was royal blue with crazy poofy sleeves. She just sent me this picture for kicks:
brooke's prom dress
notice, people of the 80's: The royal blue didn't just stop with the dress, she had gloves and shoes dyed to match AND she wore royal blue eyeliner and mascara...and a side ponytail with an extaordinary example of "the claw."

30. once when I was supposed to find a specific note for a doctor, the lady in the office at the high school gave me a folder to look through and I was astounded at the sight of like 20 forged notes in Brooke’s handwriting. Then I didn’t feel so bad for being labeled “the rebellious one.”
31. she is a butt-rocker at heart
32. She was always the babysitter and often was made responsible for the rest of her younger siblings. As a result she has strong opinions about the oldest sibling always being put in charge.
33. We weren’t allowed to wear make-up until we were in 8th grade and one day (when I was in 7th and she was in 8th) I put on some of my friend’s bright blue eyeliner (it was the 80’s) after PE. When I was walking through the hall not 5 minutes later, suddenly Brooke had me pinned against the lockers. She personally escorted me to the bathroom and watched while I washed it off.
34. she is 34 today


Paige said...

Oh I totally remember that dress! When i think about 80's dresses I always think of that dress on Brooke. Thanks for posting a picture of it. It's even better than I remembered.

Happy Birthday Brooke! How did you (we) get so old?

Emily said...

That dress looks familiar? Was this the ONLY prom she wore it to?!?!? I must echo your thoughts about Brooke's conversation skills. They are simply amazing! I often marveled at how she came to know and be friends with such a variety of people. It is because she can talk to anyone! Including Glenn McDonald! Ha ha! BIG BEAR! Happy 34th Bruce!!! Love you!

calibosmom said...

This was really fun to read-Happy Birthday to rockin' Brooke! I also found out I am a WHITE and I'd say, I have to agree.

Krista said...

Wow on the dress. What a priceless photograph. I can remember trying it on when I was like 6... and wishing I had some boobs to fill it out. Oh the dreams of a 6 year old girl! Happy birthday to the Biggest Sis!

Shelby said...

Happy birthday brooke.

I think the blue dress lost the gloves somewhere on the move out west. I was hoping that pic would be the one with Scott, though. YIKES!

Good memories of Brooke at a U2 concert, all of us wearing new converse hi-tops.

glad you're back online Britt.

andrea said...

that dress scarred me for years. wanna know why? because i was in LOVE with matt and he asked HER to his prom instead of me. he even asked her at seminary, practically right in front of me! and that was the debut of the dress. i can only take comfort in knowing that now he is still single, and we are not. but i'm secretly still bitter.
you shoulda called me for some pictures. i have 2 Me-N-Brooke books full of very incriminating pics...

brittany said...

Em-yes, she wore that dress to FOUR proms. priceless.

I'm a white/blue.

Andrea, I'm sorry that you were scarred. That's tough that he asked her in front of you. Prom is full of scarring memories for lots of people, I have come to realize. Stupid prom. I think you should post pictures of Brooke on your blog for the fun of it. a trip down memory lane is always fun:)

Red Seaglass said...

It's all true, for better of for worse. Shelby, I almost did use the one with Scott, but my hair was down, and I liked this side pony instead. I don't remember making Brittany wash off the eyeliner. Apparently I am picky about which rules are followed, no eyeliner, just ditch school every day. And yes, I talk a lot. I seriously can't help it. I need medication to stop it, and I refuse to take any. So everyone around me suffers. Sorry everyone! Thanks for the love Brittany. It made me laugh, which was no small feat on such a day of aging. :)

Kara said...

I remember the drama of getting those shoes just the right color. Heaven forbid they were a shade off or you would have to wear silver or something!

Krista, you were dreaming of bigger boobs at 6? I was dreaming that my BMX bike talked to me like Kit on Night Rider!

Wendy said...

Brooke makes me laugh. You just gotta love that girl. Happy Birthday Brooke!!

Brittany, I laughed at the awkward conversation one because that is sooo me. I can be so awkward and I just wish I had the gift of gab. I'm a white/blue also - almost equally so as I recall. We're so alike. :)

I'm curious about Brookes strong opinions on the oldest always being in charge. Since I was the youngest I never had that problem.