Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Love Day


Our day started out with little bits of love all soaked in sugar. And then it just got better from there. Lots of love to go around here. Here are some pictures of some of the lovey love tokens from our day.







I'm such a lucky girl to have so much love in my life. Hope your day was wonderful!


andrea said...

your pictures are beautiful. i'm glad you had such a super day. if i could be anything for a day, i think i'd choose to be your camera. i'd love to see things HOW you see them, WHILE you see them.

janelle said...

It sounds like your valentine's day was edibly delicous. Was that a peony? - they are a completely lucious little flower.

(Oh, I keep meaning to ask you - what photo-editing software do you use? I need to get some for the cookbook pics.)

calibosmom said...

I think you need to bring some of those cookies over right now!

Anonymous said...

Man oh man, I'd like to know when it came to be, that every holiday was suddenly centered around candy! I guess having small children made it so? Candy hearts, candy valentines, candy cookies, candy, candy, candy!!!!


Emily said...

Those strawberries look delicious! It's not just the picture, right? YUM! I think I ate more candy on Love Day than any human should. Your pics are gorgeous, just like you!

brittany said...

I think I'll post a recipe for the cookies--they're yummy.

Jan-I just use picasa. sometimes I use photoshop/fireworks, but that's just if I want to add funky layers and distressed looking stuff. But mostly good old picasa (free, i might add) works well for me--I can lighten, darken, crop, make them black and white, fiddle with the color if I feel a little funky...

Courtney said...

Brittany, wow. Why do I always want to go cook/bake after visiting your blog?? So cool. And the Photos!!!