Thursday, March 27, 2008

did you have a nice easter? (and some other random stuff)


We had a nice Easter—I hope yours was happy too!


Sorry I’ve been MIA, I just have been super busy and haven’t felt the need to blog about it. I have this weird thing, too, where my blog world and my real world are colliding and I don’t know exactly how to handle it. It feels…uncomfortable and nice and weird and new and old all at the same time.


I just received my Squam Art Workshop packet in the mail. Yippeeee! That’s right I’m attending an artist retreat and for the first time in my life surrounding myself with artists to see what millions of things I can glean from being around them. I will be painting, taking photos and learning to be a superhero. (I know, I know, I already am a superhero. But even superheroes need a little coaching here and there.)

popsicle #13

My boy is doing a bit better after having his tonsils and adenoids removed a week ago. He is still in a lot of pain. We, his family, are in pain when we get too close to him and have to smell the bad breath that accompanies this surgery. Holy cow.


andrea said...

brittany, will you marry me? everything you do is so beautiful. colors look brighter, things look crisper, light and shadow seems more pronounced...

i don't get what you mean about your blog world and real world colliding. expand please?

brittany said...

well, cute andrea, it used to be just me and all the oscarsons on the blog. I tried to get everyone involved, yet it seemed too newfangled to people, so I explored my personal little blogiverse on my own. I got all comfortable here and made new blogging friends. I found a little niche where I felt comfortable. Then all of a sudden it seems like everyone I've ever known is blogging. This is good and bad at the same time. It is a great way to reconnect, but I was comfortable being rather annonymous. Now I find that my shyness is resurfacing because there is an "audience" if you will, which I was pretty much oblivious to before. There is also the problem that I don't have time to read blogs as often as I need to considering all these crazy bloggers. I feel bad not being able to keep up with everyone including all my blog-world friends too.

I'm also frustrated with the whole any-phsycho-Joe-can-view-my-blog thing with my children hanging out all over it and quite a bit of personal info. I have gotten a lot of slack from various individuals about this in fact. I started a private blog for the littles, but I've been lazy about inviting people to view it (typing each individual email is so annoying!) and when no one is viewing it, I'm not motivated to update. I guess I'm having a hard time finding a new balance.

was that expanded enough for you? Is anyone else having a similar problem?

jenica said...

i concur that colors seem more beautiful in your house!

about the whole worlds colliding thing. i feel the same way i think. i tried to get everyone i knew involved, but then none of my IRL friends or family seemed to care. so i branched out through SPC and scribblings and found a pleothora of wonderful ladies out there that *get* me and i opened right up. my worlds collided though when i blogged about the birth story of my youngest in august. suddenly even my friends husbands at church looked at me funny. now, i find myself wondering if i should censor for my ward friends?

it makes me feel frustrated because i was connecting with my inner artist and now i feel very vulnerable letting my close friends and family members see that side of me.

plus, my brother freaked out when he saw that i had pics of my kids on it. the only real name i use is my own, so i don't see the big deal. oh, and my gpa freaked out too, "jenica, you don't really know your friends in blogland, they could be crazy!" yup grandpa, we are one craaaazy bunch!

emma jo said...

Bad breath, really? Yuck, but popsicles YUM and tell me that those delicious treats on the plates somehow involved chocolate and marshmellows. You are so beautifully makes me feel all happy and serene inside.

Leigh said...

I'd love to know how you made those edible 'nests' how cute!!!!!

Shelby said...

Can I have your silverware? I love them, Britt.

You're not too bad yourself.

brittany said...

I want to firstly say that I love all you bloggers out there. I didn't mean to imply that I don't love you. I just wish I had more time to love you with:)

And Andrea, yes, I will marry you.

I love color and light. what can I say? it's what I notice, so maybe it's what I take pictures of. Thank you for your love:)

yes. BAD breath. and his thoat is absolutely disgusting looking, but we keep having to check it to make sure the nasty scabs are looking...nasty like they should be.

little edible nests: I googled them because I KNEW that there must be some ideas out there. So I made some and failed miserably and then brainstormed with the hubs and came up with these more simple ones.
You take

1. those chinese fried noodle things, and
2. that Baker's dipping chocolate that you melt in the microwave (in the baking section)

then you melt the chocolate and stir #1 and #2 together and shape them on wax paper lined cookie sheets. Put them somewhere cool and let them harden. I added little jelly bean eggs. I'm sure that someone with more time and energy could embellish them much more. say little chickies and rest them on doilies (because when we moved them for salad, there was nowhere to put them but on our place mats) But I did make a bigger one for the center of the bundt cake--click on a picture and it'll take you to my flickr and you can see it there.

maybe i should have just blogged about it...

Lindsey said...

Hi, came via Paige's Page. I am obsessed with photography right now and I have to know how on earth do you photograph food!?! Do you have to have a major nice camera with an increda zoom? Your pictures are awesome.

andrea said...

hey you're probably wise to be cautious. i guess i see what you're saying about the worlds colliding. i have made some really great friends through blogging, and reconnected with old ones (YOU) but sometimes i get people popping up on my blog and i just think, hmm... you're crowding me. if you ignore people long enough, however, they will go away.

Krista said...

Easter was just lovely. You pulled out all of the stops. And yeah, why are your colors brighter and your lights lighter and your foods tastier? Can you rub off on me a little more please? And I second that the silverware is to die for. This blog mostly made me realize that I don't even own a table cloth for this kind of occasion. Not acceptable :) said...

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