Tuesday, April 8, 2008

sweet pea, apple of my eye


Four years ago today
my life was
changed forever

Waking from the drugs
she was placed in my
weak arms

My daughter
feisty, strong
and ready to live


She seems to like a good cry
and that’s okay
I guess I do too

she just needs some lovin
Okay, most times


When I’m alone with her
things are easy
we understand each other

She’s the cause of
dark circles under my eyes
and stress in my stomach

She’s the cause of
bursting joy
and quiet contentment


She has made me stronger
She has helped me grow
She has shown me myself

How is that possible?
That someone else can teach you
who you are?
and what you are capable of?


I used to think
were here to teach
their children

She has taught me
that it’s the other way


andrea said...

i just got my new camera, so i'm hoping now my kids will be as cute as yours. at least on the blog.

congrats on four years of joy and pain. (do i sound like rob base here?)

Ellinghouse said...

what a beautiful post....and pics of your little girl...

Mama Coons said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful little girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh Abby! Happy Birthday! 4 years old. Crazy.

We all need to be told from time to time - and now it's your turn. You are not just a great mother. You are patient, kind, loving, sweet, caring, tender, gentle, guiding, nurturing...all the things a fantastic mother should be and could be. You kids are amazingly blessed to have you as their angel mother.



Scrap Evangel said...

Beautiful photos. Beautiful words.

calibosmom said...

ABBYLICIOUS!!! Happy birthday little girlfriend! Your mom rocks! She says you give her dark circles, but I've never seen them! She's one beautiful lady!

The Whole Self said...

this rocked my world.

you wrote what i would want to write to my girl. i love it- thank you.

Emily said...

gorgeous little girl! happy b-day! your writing/tribute is awesome! love you!

Emily said...

gorgeous little girl! happy b-day! your writing/tribute is awesome! love you!

Darlene said...

and she is just as beautiful as her mama!

great pictures b :)

warm hugs
xox d

Kara said...

Seriously, I love you guys!

Krista said...

Sweetest of sweet- that little gal.