Friday, May 16, 2008

grateful friday



“…prodigal summer…It could wear out everything in its path with its passionate excesses, but nothing alive with wings or a heart or a seed curled into itself in the ground could resist welcoming it back when it came.”
-Barbara Kingsolver


I live in a place like this. Where after the cold takes the color away and urges us to retreat indoors, suddenly one day the grass starts to turn green. From silence the first buzzing sound emerges as a bee seeks out the first pollen of the season that has burst forth. I didn’t even know to look for it yet, but when I heard the buzz, I knew the crocuses must be up pleading for the sun to shine so they can open up and see the world.


Here we are with the smell of lilacs floating through the air and it seems like only a day or two later. Where does the time go?



Abby said...

You live surrounded by such beauty!

Anonymous said...

You should have alerted me that you were posting pictures of your garden! Then I wouldn't have read and I wouldn't have to deal with this awful jealousy! Geesh Britt.

I have an empty landscape. Dirt. I have planted a few things but I have no idea where to plant what to make it look good. Come over and give me some advice!

Darlene said...

magical beauty

xox darlene

pink sky said...

oh, those lilacs....mmmm

Anonymous said...

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
Glad you took pictures of flowers and not of poo.

Eddie VanHalen

The Whole Self said...

i am grateful
that we will finally
get to meet
at squam
in september!