Saturday, September 27, 2008

girl, girl

That's right, folks, the doctor announced yesterday that we have two more girls coming our way. We were all very surprized since for some reason we had boys on the brain. Luckily the one little guy in the house said, "Wow! That's GREAT!" Isn't he the best boy EVER?

So any ideas for girlie names??

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xianfern said...

Yea!! I knew it (that was what I voted for!) Sisters are very special, and twin sisters even more so! Congratulations!! And what a sweet boy indeed! Isn't that how your siblings are?? 4 girls and a boy??

Chris said...

Girls are great!! I'll start stashing clothes away for you! As for names I am a fan of Arabella (Bella for short) and Alexandra (Lexi for short) -- but Jesse wasn't a fan of either!

Do they know if they are identical or not yet? I have fraternal twin sisters and they are the best of friends!

We are so excited for you!!!!

calibosmom said...

Jenna and Josie. Although I still like Poppy and Petunia. Are you staying with the Bible names? Sarah and Rachel...

christhadasister said...

Congratulations on 2 more girls! I voted b/g, so I was wrong, but twin girls are great! And what a great boy you have, too! The men in your house are going to be so outnumbered!

Clairissa said...

WOW! HOW fun!! Just like the family you grew up in .. four girls and a boy. I'm interested to see your girl name list, too, because that is something we're really struggling on. The boy name, no prob, the girl names are not coming easy to us. So if you have any "extras" you're not planning on using, send em our way ;) xoxo

Rebecca said...

Your little guy really is so sweet! he must have great sisters already!!!

Rebecca said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm in love with baby Eden so I'm partial to that name. Of course there's always Candice!!!

Moxie Candice

Georgia said...

Ooooh! GIRLS! I have some girls names that I never got to use...

Rowan or Rowyn
Esme (Not because of Twilight... it was on my list BEFORE that! LOL)
Ingrid (I know... But I LOVE it for some reason)

I have a bunch more... And I tend to like names that are classic or just plain different... Can you tell? ;)

kristen said...

well...i did definitely feel a very strong girl pulse, said there was a girl.(=

Girl names I love:


Hmmm...that's about it right now.
congratulations again. xo

brittany said...

I love all these names--keep them coming:)

Jessa said...

Girls are SO special, just look at us! :)
The girl names that I like are:
and I'll keep thinking of some more. You are great, your family is great and these girlies will be great, too. I'm actually a little bit envious - twins! What fun! :)

Clairissa said...

Our short list if this is a girl:

Beth said...


some of my favs if I were to have more girls of my own.....

Vanessa said...

awww that is so fantastic!

emma jo said...

CONGRATS!! Twin girls sounds magical and so fun...we are partial to girls in this family :)
As for names, you got me...we are plumb out.
Can't wait to see how it all unfolds!!!

MiandMiksmom said...

Ooooohh, girls are the best!!! How exciting!!! I like:

Amelia (of course)
Mikayla (of course)
Penelope (I taught the cutest preschool kid in the world with that name)

I'm excited for you!

Tamara said...


Ummm, names I like:

-Tamara (Hee hee...great it is found in the bible, sort of.)


Bobby said...

Little did you know I've been keeping tabs on you through your husband's friend Jason Merrill. He knows me as Robert Brandi (I had to ditch "bobby" and grow up once I got a real job) Your family looks fantastic.

Jaime said...

Yea!!! that's what I guessed on your voting thing, and incidentally, exactly what I would want. I would love to be surprised with twin girls. If that were to ever happen (which would be a miracle upon a miracle), I would name them Emma and Lucy. That's not an intentional Joseph Smith homage, either. It's because all my kids have children's book character names.
(Stuart--Stuart Little; Sophie--the BFG; Charlie--Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
Lucy, of course would be from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Emma would be from Jane Austen's book Emma---not a children's book, I know, but close enough.
So there you have it. (Am I a nerd, or what?) I doubt I'll ever be so smiled upon by the heavens to have twin girls in this life, so the names are yours.
Congratulations, Brittany! LOVE YOU!

jenica said...


that's it.

so does that mean that there's still a boy waiting? *blink.blink*


Emily said...


Rivers (a girl in our ward has this name, and she is adorable. 4 years old now...)

We find out a week from today what we are having. I have the boy vibe going on also, so now after reading your post, I wonder if it is a girl!

Carrie Ann said...

HOLY COW! HOORAY! I will call you tomorrow!

Dallas and Krista said...

Names, oh names. You know I can't think about this too hard- it makes me just die of want to think about girls too much!

Mikael said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!! having 2 of the same gender is awesome, they will be best buds. Are they identical? Could they tell?
Here are some of my favorite girl names:
Brooke (k, I know that is your sis, but I Love the name!)
McCall (I am giving my next girl this name- if there is one. After my favorite vacation spot McCall Idaho)
... and I can't think of any others right now, probably because we just had boys on the brain for so long!

Carrie Truscott said...

Hey Brittany,
Congratulations! I have been meaning to call you since I first read your post about being pregnant with twins. Then, I thought you might get inundated so I held off for a, that bit has been too long. As you have already said, the hardest things in life are the most worthwhile. These little girls will be such a blessing! For names...

Have fun making your name choice! I will try to call soon! Love, Carrie

Wendy said...

Yay!!!! Sorry I haven't been blogging lately so I didn't know. 2 girls - so exciting! I'll call you tomorrow so we can chat all about it.

I do have a girl name I love but I'm keeping it on the down low cause I might want to use it. But I know whatever you choose will be beautiful and classic.