Wednesday, November 19, 2008

birthday wishes

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. I had a great day.

the fam

We decided to make it a "candle party" as the tiny person says. Here are some pictures of the delightfulness of a candle party:

yes, that is a naked dress form modeling Pepper for all to see.


I have been converted to the idea of birthday wish balloons as seen on nie's blog. It's a very nice idea to think of the coming year and decide what is important for you individually. Then it's also nice to read a plethera of happy wishes from the people around you.

birthday wishes


jake decided to attach glow sticks so we could watch them disappear into the starry starry night

You can find me here today in a little guest spot about motherhood.


Kirsten Michelle said...

hmmm...wish i could have been there, beautiful mama!!!

my balloon wish would have read::

a year full of all good things ;-)

sending love, love, love.

Dallas and Krista said...

Ooooh Happiness. Wish I were there!

Reeve Family said...

Hey Brittany. Its Melinda Reeve. So good to see your cute family. They have gotten so big. You all look great. I love all the pictures you do. You a soooo talented. Can I just have a bit of that talent? Keep in touch. Our blog is

Courtney said...

Oooooh! I love the glow stick attachment!!! What a great idea! Now I would really love to do that activity!!

Wendy said...

Ooh, I love the idea of the glow sticks. Go Jake. Can't wait to hear what he brought home for your b-day dinner.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful day. :) You deserve it. Love ya friend!

Wendy said...

Wow that was weird, Courtney and I must have been writing our comments at the same time cause hers wasn't there before I started writing mine. And I'm a little disheartened that hers appeared before mine since we both mentioned the coolness of the glow sticks and we started out our post with "ooh" (hers having a few more Os - we must be sisters and now I look unoriginal.

chelseareeve said...

Very awesome idea for candles and balloons and sending them to the sky...what a cute idea. I love it. Your family is so cute, I can't believe how grown up everyone is looking...except you...are you taking some youth formula of some know you can't hide it if you are...share...

I just went private on my blog and I would love to invite you in. I just don't have your email address. If you get this message and would like me to add you, send me your email address to Thanks Britt!!!

Courtney said...

Yeah, Wendy and I must spend too much time together! Our similar comments are a bit freaky!! But I'm laughing victorious...mine got there first!!! Hee hee hee!

Moxie said...

Happy Birthday old lady. Your belly doesn't look that big at all! You look great in fact. Glad you had a good day! I'll call later this week when I have some time to chat.


Dallas and Krista said...

PS. I just got around to reading your guest post, which was absolutely lovely by the way. But what was funny was that in all the pictures I couldn't shake the feeling that people were missing. Now that I have the girl babies in my head as part of your family- I don't think it will look complete again until I see a picture of the whole bunch together. Ooooh- they will make life so sweet. Two. Tiny. Baby. Girls.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday...late. You have such a beautiful family and home and your words are often quite inspirational. Thanks for letting me sneak a peek into your life once in a while! I feel blessed for it:)

andrea said...

where was all the shameless self-promoting, so those of us who don't know it's your birthday could've been prepared to wish you a good one???


happy belated, my humble friend.

A-Kap said...

HAPPY HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY friend! It seemed like it was perfection. I would expect nothing less. I'm sorry I missed calling you on your big day. Next year....

jenica said...

everything is just so perfect. you deserve it girl.

my wish(s) for you:

to create every day.
to receive extra hands to help with the extra tummies you'll be getting this year.
to love in abundance.

and that article is so perfectly you. great advice and insight girl. it was 6 years before i had my first 2 hours of alone time.


Suzie Petunia said...

Happy belated Birthday! I'm glad you had a nice day.

I love the added touch of the glow-sticks. Fun!

calibosmom said...

I totally blew it and missed wishing you a happy day. I even had it written on my calender-sorry about that! Happy belated Birthday girlfriend-you're looking absolutely beautiful!!!

Melissa Brown said...

That seems to be a fun celebration. My belated birthday wishes for you. May you find happiness in everything you do. Have fun and enjoy life!