Thursday, January 29, 2009

happy birthday my little winter birds

The babies are a week old today.
I feel like a new person. Every day I feel better than the day before.
I feel stronger
and happier
and more blessed than ever
I am packed full of love instead of babies.

Love LOVE love


ps: thank you, Beloved, for all your blogging in my place. But mostly for never leaving my side when I needed you most.

pss: thank you, friends, for all the love while I have been down and out.


Kirsten Michelle said...

welcome back, momma!!!
your precious winter birds are perfect ;-)
much love and congratulations from my family to yours.

calibosmom said...

tweet tweet!

beth said...

ohhh...they are soooo beautiful !!!
and perfectly pink !!!

kristen said...

congratulations brittany, to you and yours. your girls are so sweet and i'm glad to hear you're feeling stronger every day! your girls are precious and so are their names. xo

Clairissa said...

they are beautiful! and your attitude about recovery is inspiring ... because I was just there and I wasn't as positive about it as you were. it was tough and i know you are being brave. thx for sharing your lovelies with us!

Mama Coons said...

Looks like DOUBLE the love. They are darling. Glad that you are feeling a little better.

Moxie said...

Yahoo! Welcome home. We've missed you. I'm so glad to hear you're doing great. The babies are beautiful but I am still tripping out that there are two instead of 1. Crazy.


Steph said...

They are beautiful and your joy is palpable! Congratulations to you and your family Brittany. Much love to you all.


emma jo said...

I feel all happy and warm inside when I think of you and your lovely babies, the older ones too. Darling, simply darling.

emma jo said...

So this might be a silly question but I don't recall an answer anywhere, are they identical?

xianfern said...

So cute! I remember so well how wonderful it was to have my girls out instead of in! And good for you on the vbac! That's awesome! take care!!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, these are the best pictures, you are such a photographer Brittany!! These are just the cutiest little bundles of joy!! Love, Rachie

christhadasister said...

great pictures! I also remember that feeling of out vs in- such a good one! Your girls are gorgeous and I love your winter bird tribute! So great! Congrats on your girls- they are beautiful. And thanks to Jake for doing such a great job blogging and keeping the internet up to date in your abscence!

Kathleen said...

oh! what a beautiful, warm post on this cold winter day.
they are gorgeous.
congrats, mama.
lucky, lucky babies.

Jen -n- Jase & kids said...

They are absolutely ADORABLE! Can't wait to show my youngest son, he was thrilled to see the photos when they were born -- we all were.
I'm absolutely thrilled to know you are feeling SO much better SO quickly.
With all the comments you get you may have missed -- if there is ANYTHING those of us long distant friends can do, anything you need for the older kids or the babies, PLEASE let us know.
Loads of love to you and your famiiy.

Red Seaglass said...

July. July I will see you in person my cute nieces. I will hug you and I will be able to tell you apart :) And I'll get to feed you and change you and take your siblings to the beach and mostly I'll get to hug my sister, who, while I love you babies, I love her more. You girls will learn to love each other like I love your mom. You will mean everything to each other, like she means to me. Thanks for finally coming out of her so that I could stop crying myself to sleep knowing she was in pain. I love you babies! And I love you Brittany.

Anonymous said...

your baby girls are so beautiful.
congratulations, mama!


Jessa said...

Simply breathtaking.

You and J did a remarkable job. You must be over the moon!

I am happy you are starting to regain your strength, you'll have to with those monkies! :)

Love you.

Dini said...

So so beautiful...

Boho Girl said...

beautiful birdies in pink.
beautiful mommy.

so glad you're feeling better.
i had so much fun watching all of your videos the other night!

yummy birdies.

Dallas and Krista said...

Mmmmm- such yummy babies.

Abby said...

I am feeling that looooove. I have been catching up on all things "your babies" and am in love. I love that they are a set--a set of friends that just belong to each other forever. They seep heavenly sweetness even in pictures! And I love their names, ps. Beautiful--oh, and lest I forget the most important part: well done, Mommy. I am am so impressed and proud of you for being so strong!

Elizabeth said...

oh hoooo!

snuggle-dee-deeee! so much love! smo much beauty! thanks for sharing it all with us.

Bring those girls up here next September for a visit with ALL their squammy aunties, m'kay?

bisous, Elizabeth

monica said...

They're beautiful! Congratulations.

pERiWinKle said...

What cutie pies! I can totally understand why you want to kiss them all over...such kissable ones!

have fun! congratulations...and so happy that you are back and doing better! xx

wenderful said...

Wow! You are so blessed to have those two little bundles of love. I can almost smell em. :)

Jaime said...

Oh, Brittany, they are beautiful. I am so happy for all of you. Heaven has twice smiled upon you.