Friday, January 23, 2009

Jane Happy and Warm



christhadasister said...

Jane is beautiful!! It looks like she's doing great- very little nicu intervention! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see her sister! Congratulations!

Mikael said...

So pretty! She looks happy and healthy. Are you able to take them home in a couple days? How about breastfeeding? Hope you are feeling ok!
I keep checking your blog for updates, so keep videos and pictures coming
(this brings back so many memories. just 7 months ago I was there. It makes me cry it is so special)

Mama Coons said...

I've been checking all glad to meet Jane! She's precious.

Ellen said...

So CUTE!! she even opened her eyes for the camera! Daddy sounds proud :) I am SOO happy for you both. I am glad they both came and are healthy.

Wendy said...

They are both so beautiful little babies!! I love em already.

Jamie said...

Martin watches this video over and over again. He loves watching Jane open her eyes. He wants to come and see her really bad. Calvin was surprised at how small they were. He thought Martin was the smallest kid around. He couldn't believe they were smaller than Martin (lol!)
What beautiful little girls.
The boys send their love to all their cousins!