Friday, February 6, 2009

I get to kiss tiny faces today


There's no rest for the weary around here, but there is plenty of joy to be had. My nurses and doctors keep talking about the baby blues and asking me if gently if it is becoming a problem. But I don't think bliss is a symptom for the baby blues.


Perhaps I am still sore and tired and my blood pressure and blood count is still a problem, but it's nothing compared to the misery of having two people inside me. And now I have a family of seven! Who woulda thought? Not me. And I get to kiss them all I want.


Wylie said...

Oh my gost, Brittany! They are beautiful. Sending you loving thoughts and prayers for swift recovery. Enjoy every minute with your new little ones. The big kids must adore them!!!!

Mikael said...

you are awesome!!! Keep that positive attitude going. I love the pic of them asleep on the bed, that looks so restful!!

Mikael said...

oh, and I remember those stool softeners, they didnt do a dang thing for me! I always have to O.D on fiber and laxatives :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet little cutie pies. Can't wait to give them kisses of my own. I hope your body begins to recover quickly. Two tiny people sure can wreak havoc on a mommy.
Thinking of you,

Mama Coons said...

I wish I could kiss them! They are so sweet.

Boho Girl said...

okay...i just LOVE that photo with all those baby bottles!!!!!

you are brilliant and i am so inspired by that shot.

and impressed that you guys brought so many home from the hospital. i miss that tiny bottle. cedar just loved it so.

love the shot of your man and the two girlies and WOW you have lots of photos hanging in your home. yum.

jenica said...

loving the bottle pic!

when i had high blood pressure with my first it wouldn't return to normal for awhile... until i went to the chiropractor. seriously, badaboom! everything went back to normal. after carrying 2 babies for 8 months and DELIVERING THEM! you seriously deserve a trip to the chiro and to the spa. ;-D

love you so much!