Wednesday, March 18, 2009

it's what I do.

what keeps you up at night?

prompted by em's 52 Q

I decided to start an art journal. I’ve always meant to, but never had the gumption to actually DO it. When, you ask, do I have time to do an art journal? Well, my friend, it’s just that I don’t have time NOT to do it.

I clean every day. I don’t like to clean. I fold laundry all the time. Not the most enjoyable activity. I feed the children and myself whether I am hungry or not. Well, I think that to help keep from going in sane, I may need to up the creative ante. Why not make sure to do something every day that I actually like? A chore just for my mental and emotional well being. (and hopefully my skills will improve over time!)

When I was at Squam we had a question and answer forum with all the teachers up on stage and at one point one of them said something like, “We do art every day. Because we’re artists. It’s just what we do.” It stuck in my head.


the wrath of khandrea said...

i want to see every page. is that too nosy? maybe you can do a "52Q Friday" spot. i know, lame. but how else am i supposed to live vicariously through you???

Jeanneoli said...

I try to remind myself of this....I NEED to be creative is who I am. It is good to be reminded of all the things we do everyday that we don't love..but they have to get done. I love that you are finding the time even with your two new little ones.

A-Kap said...

It is SOOOOO what you do. I can't believe you have ever thought otherwise. You are an artist through and through. Such a gift you have!! Enjoy it and appreciate it...and I'm so glad you share it because we sure love seeing "what you do"!

Moxie said...

It's lovely. I really like you in the center with the babes.


jenica said...

good girl.
i can't wait to see what you do!
i remember when penny said that and i think about it every day.


Clairissa said...

This is beautiful.

Dini said...

I love this and I love your colors! And someday you WILL remember these sleepless nights fondly...because before you know it they WILL be sleeping through the night. Hang in there.

Dallas and Krista said...

Yeah, remember when I said that I have an art journal? Mine is NOT like this at all. Wow, I love this so much. I wish I had just a fraction of your talent!