Monday, April 13, 2009



her day was happy.


she was happy i made her cake balls.


she was happy to get mail.


when i asked what she wanted to write on her wish balloon, she said "happy life" and we shortened it to "happy"

abbys 5th birthday








rddnhus said...

What a sweetie! And next time you have a five year old party you will need twice as many balloons!

Anonymous said...

Will you write a post on how to make cake balls?? Yum. In my mind, I can't quite figure out how you'd make them.


jenica said...

she's a little fire ball isn't she? ;-D i just love that picture of her watching them float away, the excitement running down to her fingers.


pink sky said...

so loving that balloon tradition :) happiness to all of you!

Wendy said...

Happy [belated] birthday Abby! I can't believe she's 5! That's nuts. I'm glad she had a happy day.

Rebecca said...

What a cute tradition with the balloons!! I just might have to adopt it:)

Carolyn said...

Such a wonderful day and great ideas! I don't know HOW you do it with five kids and make amazing cakes, cake balls and creative ideas! You are amazing!

Kara said...

I counted 3 different shirts :) The tights were a good idea though, can't go wrong!


Anonymous said...

Martha Stewart - is that you? Or did she just come over and decorate those eggs for you. Dude. Seriously. And cake balls are what again? You need to share a post with how you are doing all this cute stuff and still staying sane. Seriously.


Jaime said...

Hey Brittany!
VERY cool picture at the top. And I love your house. Whenever I go back to Massachusetts, I make my mom drive me around towns like Duxbury and Plymouth so I can see old capes like that and imagine I live in them.

Jennifer said...

I would like to first ditto the sentiment of Please tell us how you make "cake balls", seeing some of us (my personally, I speak for no others) have totally failed in the creative side of the parenting aspect. If I have directions, I can make nearly anything!
Also, I wish my brain could hold onto a good thought because the LAST time I read about your wish balloons, I thought how much I'd love to incorporate that into my family traditions. Uh, not doin' too good with that one yet.
As always, your creative side absolutely amazes me!