Tuesday, April 28, 2009

holy heat wave, batman!

in my rear view mirror

Today was going to be summer weather, so we headed to the beach (after we had much crying, a few tantrums, german pancakes (thank you, Jake), cleaned bedrooms, folded a load of laundry, napped the babies, dug out swimming suits and beach towels, packed the beach bag, searched for sun screen, packed up the diaper bag and who knows what else). Apparently we were not the only ones with this big idea. I could have ridden my bike there in the time it took us to drive. (And while I was stuck in the traffic, the girl in the car in front of me threw a box of cigarettes and a big empty cup out the window. Seriously? Do people still do stuff like that?)

It was hot.

Very hot.

So hot that my entire body was covered in a thick layer of salty stickiness.

On the way home, I needed gas (having almost run out, sitting in all of the said traffic) and pulled into the station. I actually had to get in line. I haven’t done that in…well, ever. And while the owner of the truck in front of me was apparently shopping for groceries in the “quick mart” I was hoping the babies lasted just a few minutes longer and stopping #2 from hitting all the girls with his huge piece of drift wood he took from the beach, and I started people watching. I couldn’t help it; these people were just begging to be watched. This long haired butt rocker looking dude was taking his sweet time putting his fancy shirt over his skinny torso while he was getting out of his bright orange fancy shmancy convertible while his butt rockin’ wife was putting on lip gloss in the passenger side. I was noticing their tattoos and the woman’s huge sunglasses and extra large lips when an oversized SUV started backing up. The woman was about to open the trunk of the orange car when *smack* and then, “You just hit my car, you *beep-n-beep*!!!” while she ran toward the SUV waiving her arms in her fancy bright heels with her long dyed hair blowing in the very hot breeze.

I watched a while longer and as I was pulling out mourning my missing cell phone and sun glasses, they were trading information and shaking heads atop their super thin bodies.

It was hot.

Very hot.

So hot that I noticed my early blooming rhododendron’s blooms were all droopy and wilted.


emma jo said...

I hate being hot almost as much as I hate being cold...but on these nice warm days I am trying to remember how cold I was this winter. I like your story about the people. People are funny. And I love that you took all your kids to the beach. Love that beach. (And wouldn't you just love to jump out of your car, pick up her cigarette box and cup and throw it back in her window? I wish I did stuff like that.)

Candice B. said...

It was tough for me to concentrate on the rest of the story because I'm still mad at that person who threw the cigarette carton (cigarettes kill you, you stupid idiot!!) and the empty cup out the window. I mean, COME ON. It's infuriating.

Crappy about the sunglasses and cell phone. I hate losing either of those - sucks.

Love you!


rddnhus said...

Ahhh....your frustration was showing. Isn't "he" #2?!

Jeni said...

I love that you got a picture of that! I have been wanting to for years because I love the little faces I see when I glance in my rear view, but I've never been able to get them all in there.

pink sky said...

i was all droopy and wilted too :) so i layed on my couch with my big buddah belly and wondered why april felt like august.

brittany said...

rd: I didn't know what you were talking about, so I went back to read it--good catch! do you know my kids' birth order better than I do?:)

Donna said...

WOW, what a horrible trip...did the kids at least have some fun?

It's cold here in Maryland, so cold, that I almost got my weather coat back out....again!