Tuesday, April 21, 2009

warrior faeries


Laini Taylor’s second book in the Dream Dark series is coming out soon!! I can’t wait for the next adventure. Laini is holding a bribe fest right now, and I gave right in—and a couple days later I received some face tattoos (just like Talon, a Ratherstring warrior) and some gourmet chocolate (which somehow I “misplaced” and kept thinking, well, it will turn up eventually. It did last night. Or rather the empty wrapper turned up…under a table behind the couch. I heard faeries are sneaky little punks who steal chocolate from mannies and now I believe it. Well, not punks, necessarily, I just added that part in because I’m mad that my chocolate was stolen. Hmph.(insert big bottom lip and scowl here.))


My girls were on an adventure as soon as the tattoos were on their faces. They took off, calling each other by new names and played in the “garden of mischief” all afternoon.


After I helped the little one with her tattoos, I told her that she was now a fierce warrior faerie. That she could fight with the best of them to protect her kind and that she could hunt demons and wouldn't be afraid of big old dumb mannies (people. you know, like me). But this is the face I saw:


and she chose a peaceful afternoon instead of warring:

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jenica said...

i love how one little idea will spark an afternoon of activity, peaceful activity even!


Laini Taylor said...

Ah, I LOVE them, Brittany! Thank you!!!! Such lovely faeries they make, and if they're not warriors? Totally OK. Looks like maybe your little one relates more to Poppy Manygreen, talking to flowers :-) (Ask her what they have to say.)

I am sorry to hear your chocolate *disappeared* -- but kind of delighted too, because after all, in the book Magpie and the crows DID steal that chocolate from the mannies! tee hee.


Hope the littlest faeries are doing well. My belly has had another growth spurt, and I'm beginning to marvel at the fact that I still have three months to go. How big is this thing going to GET? Agh! Oh, and last night I had my very first baby-cuddling dream. It was so real, and so wonderful. Can't wait!