Monday, July 27, 2009

weekend photos

craft time
Saturday we had some craft time and the kids decided to make doll houses. they turned out to be very cute and detail oriented:
doll houses
We had a relaxing sunday. The humidity was oppresive. But when the wind started to blow and the thunder started rolling, I picked daisies from the garden and wove them into a gift for my little princess. love.
daisy chain



we tried it on the babies too:)


Amy said...

Hey Brittany,

We didn't get to know each other very well at Squam last year, but i'm hoping to change that this year. Every time I read your blog, i"m inspired to pay more attention on the journey of motherhood. Your family is beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Ingrid said...

hah, i think that is the cutest baby picture i've ever seen. love her expression!

Jeanneoli said...

I need one of those!

jenica said...

so much goodness.