Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dear Fellow Visiting Teachers,

Sept 09 VT

This month's Visiting Teaching message is one of encouragement. There are some wonderful quotes about how to live the gospel of Christ simply, and then how doing this will bless our lives.

I chose this quote because in my little world, having the opportunity for personal revelation is huge. When I am living in a way that invites the Holy Spirit into my daily life, it brings me peace, gives me direction, and helps me be a better wife, mother, friend and neighbor. I have been softened and made better because of this.

I want to focus more energy on nourishing my spririt this month.

Happy visiting.

With love,


Sept VT

PS - here is a second design of the same quote. I couldn't decide if I wanted feminine or streamline. I'll let you decide:) Feel free to print and use for your own visiting teaching pleasure this month.

*For more information on Visiting Teaching, go here.

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the wrath of khandrea said...

just wanted you to know that i love when you put these up, and i have been using them to give to my ladies. it's a nice touch to the lesson, and saves me from having to bake cookies. which i wouldn't do anyway. but it assuages my guilt for not doing so.