Friday, September 25, 2009

grateful friday & stuff

61.365  9.20.2009
At least once a day every day this week I have been getting that feeling.
The one that feels like:
How did I get so lucky? I love my life!
Look at this place I call home.
See this family.
Feel this joy.
I am so unbelievably blessed.

So after spending time with a bunch of creative types last week and seeing how artists dress themselves, I came home to realize that I have another artist living here. Every morning as we've waited for the bus this week I kept thinking, she’s an artist! Look how she’s dressed! I took the liberty of taking a snapshot the last couple days:
She says she doesn't want to be and artist. I’m not saying that her version of “artist” is the same version I have in my head - she's her own kind of creative being. I think some day she'll realize that she can't help it, it's part of her: the need to create something.

I’ve been getting a lot of fan mail lately:
It’s kind of nice. It helps balance out the “you’re the worst mommy!”s and the “You’re the meanest mommy!”s. Life isn’t perfect, but I’ll take the happy and remember it;
focus on it.

I found clay board. I had never even heard of the stuff before, then I took a class with Mary Beth Shaw and I am now on a mission to stock up my art supplies with clay board. It was so fun to work with!! I suggest you give it a try. Here are a couple pieces from my class:

There is an interview with yours truly up at Art Espirit. Two of my paintings are for sale at the artstream gallery—you can check them out online by clicking here.
picture taken by my awesome sister-in-law

{Happy Birthday today, Dad-o! I love you.}


Georgia said...

She needs to come to Squam with you when she is old enough... she is a mini squamette.


A-Kap said...

There has never been any doubt in my mind that she is an artist. Since I have known her, she has consistently dressed the part perfectly. I'm so surprised you haven't seen it before!? I may not be an artist -- but I sure know one when I see one!! (And you, my friend, have always been one as well, whether you knew it or not!).

Anonymous said...

I need some fan mail. Cole has discovered, "I HATE YOU!" recently.

Love the art.

#1 is so stylie. The hat is to die for.


brittany said...

amy, if I'm an artist, you're an artist, dear one.

susan said...

ooooh! i love that last photo! thanks for the lovely plug and the picture is adorable. you should enter it in the Art Esprit photo contest! just sayin'
thanks for all - susan

Steph said...

I love your claybord pieces Brittany, I'm planning to stock up on supplies too. I can't wait to play with it again! And I love that pic of you at artstream. YAY! :)


Dana Barbieri said...
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Dana Barbieri said...

Hi Brittany. Greetings from a fellow fishie! I love your art and your blog and that you are a mom to five kids no less. Congrats on the gallery show. This is so inspiring!
P.S. Your kids are adorable!!

Abby said...

I have missed too many posts! Love catching up and LOVE artistic you with the big shoe.

Amy said...

Hey Brit,

I just wanted to say I love your work--and I love your incredible, gentle inner spirit. I felt like I got a little taste of it at Squam this year, and it left me wanting more. Just more. So I'll be here watching as you and your adorable family grow and change.
Sending a little Monday love your way, Amy

Erica said...

Hi fellow fishie. Gorgeous, gorgeous paintings!

daisies said...

ohhhhh ... i love your clay board art, beautiful!!

and hee hee ... she is soooo an artist :-)