Monday, September 21, 2009

squam: through my viewfinder

I took "through the viewfinder," a class taught by Andrea from Hula Seventy. She is the cat's meow. She rocks my world. If you've ever looked at her blog, you know that she is easy and happy and simple and yummy. Well, she is in real life, too--only even more. She's my girl now. I'm a member of her posse. Do you understand? I love her.

I have so much to say. So much to catch you up on. But I don’t have time.

A little short on time ‘round here.


But I did go to “art camp” and I had such a great time. I learned new techniques and saw people and felt things. Maybe I’ll go into all that. But I probably won’t have time.

See what I’m getting at? It’s a time issue.

{Kristen} It is eye candy just being at Squam and seeing what a group of artists wear day to day. Dressing a body is an act of art. Didn't you know that?

But I’m going to force myself to take the time to show you a few pictures and to make a list of 10 things about my time away.

jonatha brooke
{Jonatha Brooke} Did you know Jonatha was a modern dancer before she became a rock star? I think this should be her next album cover, don't you?

1. It takes a LOT of planning and organization for a mom like me to go to “art camp”

vivienne taking a photo through her viewfinder

2. it is worth it


3. I was better this year about feeling comfortable in my own skin. If I didn’t know anyone in the cafeteria, I would just sit down and learn about someone new.

This is not through my viewfinder, but I thought I'd show you a peek of what the cafeteria looks like.

4. Someone New is pretty interesting most of the time.


5. I love art


6. When I am doing something I love, I get energized.


7. The food there was like heaven. Not only was it delicious, but there was a LOT of it and I didn’t have to make it or clean it up. I made it policy to eat at least two plates of food at each meal and I didn’t feel guilty about it even once.


8. I have some new people added to my mental list of “Brittany’s favorite people of all time.”


9. Pretty much, hands down, people are even better in real life than on their blogs.


10. Artists support other artists. Not only by loving/buying each other’s creations, but by being supportive emotionally, too.


denise lynnette andrade said...

i loved BEing with you.
every second of it.

you, your humor, your heart brought so much joy to my days in the woods.

i love you and am left wanting more...

momofbeegees said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a GREAT time!! I envy your creativity!! I don't feel "worthy" to be viewing your blog! :)
You're awesome!!

Kirsti said...

What beautiful pictures. . .I'm grateful for our friendship. . .

Healing Hands said...

Hey I am new to your blog, and just wanted to say that I am loving your work, especially the leaves and the parasol images. Really, truly beautiful :)

Kathleen said...

oh gosh..these photos are LOVELY!!!!
i am sooooo there next year.

thank you for sharing this post. xo

bella said...

I remember on day 1, you walked into my cabin to get the phone # of the airport driver with Liz~ and little peeks of you all weekend.
Your pictures are beautiful ~ and I hope the experience filled you up in amazing ways.

Steph said...

What a beautiful post. I'm so happy I got to share more time with you this year Brittany. You brought sunny smiles and warmth to my week.

Stephanie :)

Swirly said...

I looooove your photos and the way you wrote about this....and loooooooved seeing your smiling face all weekend long!!

Kara said...

Looks and sounds like perfection.

Liz said...

Oh I am missing you and your beautiful presence and your smiling face, beautiful post here, totally beautiful... xo

fromthepines said...

Brittany, I found you! Not to be It was great meeting you in EB's class and I loved your photos. These ones are so cool too! So neat to see what they looked like after. I might have to try this....

I got you bookmarked now and I'll be back!


denise lynnette andrade said...

ps. these photos are GORGEOUS. thank you for teaching me how to do it. am so tempted to play now. xoxo

Susannah said...

YOU are the cat's meow too :) loved meeting you so much xxx

Lucky Candice said...

Love it! The photos are great, you really have a knack for the vintage. Wish I could go (I'm soooo jealous!!). Hopefully I'll be there next year.

Lucky Candice

jennie lowe stearns said...

It was nice to read your comments about being more comfortable in your own skin...I felt so shy at first. ( I was there...what a wonderful trip! SAW was!
I love your photos...and your art...
so inspiring!


Lisa said...

Love these took to this like a fish to water! These are gorgeous and so are you.
PS I agree fully with #6!

Kirsten Michelle said...

thank you for being my safe harbour.
our time together meant a whole lot to me!
loving and missing very. much.xo

jenica said...

love love love you
and your sparkly wet eyes
and contagious giggle.
my time with you and nina
meant everything to me.


daisies said...

i love how you wrote about this and your photos are so delicious!! i am finally just getting around to catching up on stuff, it all feels so long ago now :-)

yes! people are even better in real life than on their blogs and how amazing is that :-) xoxo