Friday, October 2, 2009

happy friday, friends!


Fall has really come in full force this week.

I love it.


I have been a bit under the weather. I have had low thyroid for...ever, I guess. But suddenly there was a "nation wide back order" and I have had to go without. Apparently suddenly going off that medication wasn't good for this here body. Last night my blood pressure was so high that my vision was affected. It was like I was staring into a bright light and then holographic patterns were moving all around. So I was trying to spoon cereal into the babies mouths and I couldn't see their faces any more. I had noticed I was a little light headed and listless and dizzy and blah-ish, but I thought it was just because my thyroid was off.

Anyway, I got serious about things and am on the mend.

But I am taking it easy.


One of the ways I am going to take it easy is by starting Laini Taylor's new book, Lips Touch: Three Times. I love Laini's books. Need to go on vacation from life but you can't afford a new adventure? Go get The Faeries of Dreamdark series. (the second one, Silksinger, just came out and it was awesome!)


Did I mention that I'm taking Marisa's e course, In the Fish Bowl: life as an artist online? Well I am. And I like it. Hopefully you'll see some little changes here and there in the next week or two while I'm tidying up my little bloggie home.



Clairissa said...

I recently found out I have hypothyroidism. It stinks. Royally. Fatigue, fatigue, fatigue galore. Hope you're feelin better soon. xoxo

Parker said...

I hope you feel better soon. Your photo's are beautiful, just like you.


Emma Jo said...

Oh for glory's sake!! Go lie down right this minute and don't move until someone else spoons that medicine into your mouth (along with some chocolate orange brownies.)

Mikael said...

YOu are truly a super mom and super artist. If anyone needs a nanny IT IS YOU! I am still waiting to buy your art... just gotta get a few more dollars in my pockets :)

Anonymous said...

Britt - I'm on armour thyroid as well. Pharmacy after pharmacy told me they were out of my dose. Then I began asking for double the dose to cut in half each day. Surprise surprise they had plenty. So I called my dr and they rewrote my RX for double my dose and cut the pill in half and take a half pill each day. Try it - could work for you too.

Love ya!


Tara said...


Yikes. This spooning food into your babies ears is no good. Digestion doesn't work that way.

Take good care of yourself.

daisies said...

beautiful fall photos, dreamy sigh ... it seems to have passed us by here because last week, winter hit big and we are snow covered frozen ... sigh ... am trying to make the best of it but autumn is my favourite season and i seemed to have missed out this year ... maybe it will melt yet :-) xoxo