Sunday, November 8, 2009



B: Well, hello, Mr. Squirrel. You are a mister, right?

S: {slight twitch}

B: Yes, I could tell. You know you are the first interview that I have done on my blog! Welcome, and thank you for joining me.

S: {clicking} (how does he do that?)

B: I remembered you from several weeks ago. You made quite an impression on our car-load of people. It had been a hard morning and I was grumpy from trying to get everyone out the door on time and I was scowling and the children were sulking in their seats. But after we saw you, we were all laughing for the rest of the car ride. What was your morning like?

S: squeak, squeek…squeek.

B: Mm hmmm. Had you been having trouble with the acorn all morning?

S: *nose wiggle*

B: I was wondering how the acorn escaped your grasp.

S: squeak, squeak. *running in circles*

B: Does that happen very often?

S: {staring}

B: Mmm. Well, that was quite a steep hill, so I’m sure the acorn got rolling really fast. You were about half way down the hill when we came upon you and it was such an unusual sight for us to witness a squirrel in pursuit of a runaway acorn.

Oh, there he goes. He’s a fast little bugger. I was just about to ask him if he actually caught up to the acorn before another car came upon the scene. It will have to wait until next time.

And there you have it! The first interview here on Whatever & Stuff.

Happy Sunday afternoon, friends!


Emma Jo said...

Hilarious. I once saw a squirrel fall off a tree branch. I guess everyone/thing is entitled to a bad day. Adorable shoes and socks.

Lucky Candice said...

Dear Universe: Please send me a pair of red shoes just like the one Britt has in a size 7.5 to my door immediately. Thank you very much.


Elspeth said...

Lovely interview. And I like your shoes too.

Elspeth said...

P.S. And love the hammock.

Kathleen said...

hee! this is great!

Gel said...

Fun post! I adore watching squirrels. I also wonder how they make that click noise. Very creative use of sounds in this post.
Here from Sun. Scribblings.

Amity Me said...

wow, interview with a squirrel? you manage to put into words the responses...:)

my SS post in up now, am just new there so hope you care to drop by sometime. thanks...:)