Friday, December 4, 2009

Presenting: Compliment No. 3

Presenting: Compliment No. 3

I was in the hospital with a brand spanking new baby girl plopped right onto my chest and all the feelings of motherhood and humanity were spilling out uncontrollably and messy-like. One of my first compliments to my child was, “You are such a pretty girl.” I have said it a million times since then. (I do have four girls, you know.) It’s a compliment that I never tire of saying. It’s a compliment I never tire of hearing. It doesn’t matter how old I get, or what mood I’m in, it can always make me feel a little better. Let’s spread the goodness, what’d ya say?

Here is my third daughter.


How can I resist? What a pretty girl.


Okay, now I’m going to go eat her up.


rddnhus said...

You're such a pretty girl!

brittany said...

awe, see? Now I'm all happy:)