Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I was watching them swing and I remembered what it was like to be little
and every time the swing would start to fall downward
I would feel like I was flying
and my "tummy tickled."

I felt like I could swing for hours.

Tonight is the second night my 5th grader will sleep away from home.  She is at camp with her 5th grade class this week and she is being missed by her family!  We will go outside and look into the night sky and see the stars twinkling and whisper to her how much we love her.  She will look at the same stars and tell us how much she loves us.  We will all feel it deep inside.  That's better than swinging for hours if you ask me.


Shona Cole said...

adorable photo. you are right, as you said on my blog, browsing your blog does feel like I am visiting me too! our vision is aligned. So sweet!
all the best being without your 5th grader, I am not ready to be there yet. I love you are looking at it poetically.

shona cole

Sophia said...

I love the swings the way you do.
This picture is precious and I am dying over those tiny ballet shoes!
You are so inspiring with your talented writing. I think it's a reeve family talent because krista is an excellent writer too.
PS - we both named our babies Eden Charlotte. I have yet to know another Eden let alone Eden Charlotte, so that must mean we both have great taste.