Monday, April 19, 2010


some for you

Last year when I was unpacking my stuff at Squam, my cabin mate, Liz, after chatting for a bit, smiled at me and said something like, "Brittany, I'm Liz Kalloch.  I'm the one who worked with you on the gallery showing at Artstream."

Ah.  My kind of girl.  I hugged her and thanked her for clueing me in on what I should have already known.  

some for me

She's such a patient and kind and easy going and artistic gal.  She guided me through the process of my first time submitting work to a gallery and made me feel so welcome and comfortable.  Well this year she's heading up the second Squam Art Show (button on my sidebar) and asked me to share a bit about my experience last year.  So if you want to hear me brag, go over and check it out!  And for all you Squammies who attended last year, I urge you to submit some of your work. 

chocolate chip


Anonymous said...

brittany- love your photo's, your inspiring words both on your blog and liz's and your amazing art work! i will be submitting art work for the squam show at artstream and i'm so NERVOUS. i hope to see you and your beautiful art work there. are you going to squam in the fall?
be well.
smiles~ jill from n.h.

Jen -n- Jase & kids said...

your son is SO sweet with the girls. Tough enough to share your ice cream with ONE little sibling, and he's sharing with TWO! Looks happy about it too. Ahh, so great. I always love your photos. (do you LIVE with your camera in your pocket or something. Always at the ready?! he he)

brittany said...

jill-thank you:) Yes I'll be at squam in the fall. I'm so excited!

Jen-he hee, I know. I have waaaaay to many pictures in my computer! I have been doing project 365, where I have one picture to represent each day for a year. I've been horrible at journaling so I figured this is a way to journal that doesn't seem overwhelming. I just keep my camera on my desk and try to take a few pictures every day. When I see something cute, like ice cream cones I can't resist:)

Mikael said...

Your little twinners are just too cute. I found out that a man and his wife in my stake presidency, who has twin girls that are 7, are expecting another set of twins, but BOYS! I am scared to have more kids.... it could happen again :)
Spring is up and runnin where you are, I am dying in the dark clouds and rain. HELP!!