Tuesday, May 4, 2010



How interesting.  I thought I posted this little ditty way back when.  I was thinking about the moment I realized that I was in trouble.  Trouble, but that I was past the point of caring or trying to change it.  I was in love with this guy.  And it came as such a surprise.  Caught me so off guard.  Hit me upside the head and I cried frustrated, hot tears thinking, "How did this happen?  Now I have to say goodbye to someone I'm in love with!" Because that's obviously what happens.  You end up getting your heart hurt and say goodbye.  But I never did say goodbye.  Instead, fourteen years ago today, we sealed the deal on consistent hellos.

Distraught and
looking for comfort

are the only thought that
brings peace

As I walk along the street
I look down and watch the
sand make a border
that separates the pavement
from the grass

my heavy soul
the grey sky
the raw wind

I look up
into the distance
and recognize
coming to me

my heart leaps
my soul rejoices
I float to you
with no cares

and realize
I am in love

Thanks for making me one happy girl.  I love you, babe.


Wendy said...

Ha! I was there you know..that day when you were crying on your bed, on top of your plaid duvet that you thought you'd still use when you got married. Is it true? Did you use it when you got married? I was sad for you then. I was sad when you decided to move back home for a little while to figure things out. Then I was so happy when you decided to marry Jake and I was even happier to wait outside the temple while you got married. Although I would have been happier had I been in the temple. Happy Anniversary!!

Sorry, did I reveal too much? Just delete this if I did. :) I won't be offended.

brittany soucy said...

oh, my friend wendy. How I love you. I MISS YOU!!!

Could you ever reveal too much? Don't you know I'm an open book? :)

brittany soucy said...

Oh, and yes. We did use that plaid duvet for several years. Ha. See? I'm a planner. SEE? I planned on a queen duvet when I was 17 so I could use it when I got married some day.

brittany soucy said...

okay, I just re read that comment and I didn't mean to say that to YOU, Waz, just life in general. Just wanted you to know that I wasn't being a monkey head to you. Nope, just to those gremlins that say, "brittany, you're not a good planner."

Wendy said...

Britt, don't ever let anyone tell you you're not a planner. The duvet is proof. :) Love you friend!