Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm getting very tired.  And I have misplaced my chocolate, so this could be probematic, but I'll do my best to post some pictures from Paris.  Between Brooke and I we have 387 pictures for the past 2 days, so this is a big job.  But I'll suck it up since I'm in Paris in a beautiful hotel, full on delicious food and in good n btt raphael

hotel raphael hall

We have been around Paris and back again in a two-day whirlwind.  I love it here!  The drivers are crazy, but it's fun to watch.  The cars are teensy and the people are pretty.  The buidings are unbelievable and the city is set up beautifully.  The trees are in bloom and the cafes are full.  Did you know that the resaraunts don't even open until 7:30?  Then the wimpy Americans who haven't slept for 24 hours are reluctantly allowed in to dine and at 8:30 when they walk out, the Parisians are just talking about where they want to go for dinner.

bus tour

This morning I ate two chocolate crossaunts with my breakfast.  We have seen the Eiffel Tower and the Arc d' Triomphe from every angle, been through three museums, seen unbelievable art, walked along cobblestone, quoted plenty of movies and tried to speak French very poorly. 

eiffel up close


A little story about our trip to the Louvre.  (Holy ENORMOUS!!!)  Brooke has been suffering from chronic fatigue lately, and to preserve her energy, we put her in a wheelchair (which really helped) and rolled her around for our viewing pleasure. 

wheelchair lift
on the lift

Well when we went for the manditory viewing of Mona Lisa, the crowd was outrageous.  My dad rolled her on up through the crowd of flashing cameras and tippy toes and the guard told her to wheel right up in front of the semi circle that was roped off.  She turned red and slumped down while hundreds of flashes lit behind her.  She didn't appreciate the close view of the lady with the mysterious smile.  I couldn't resist sneaking a picture, which Brooke has very mixed feelings about, but every time I see it I bust up laughing.

brooke n mona lisa

Notre Dame:

britt notre dame

notre dame

metro sign
dad n brooke metro

Okay, I must retire.  First thing in the morning I'm getting a wake up call so we can make our plane for Florence.*  Ah, what a life!!

If you're interested in viewing more pictures, go here.  I haven't had time for any editing yet, so they're SOOC (some aren't even rotated!).  Enjoy:)

*Post Edit:  I was really tired.  We were flying to Venice, not Florence!


Parker said...

Oh, my look like you are having the time of your life. The wheelchair story made me giggle.

Happy Mother's Day Dearie.


Emma Jo said...

Ah, Paris.
It looks heavenly.

the wrath of khandrea said...

say fromage, rusty!

buy brooke a beret. it'll make her feel much better.

Wendy said...

What a dream, to be in Europe with DR and Brooke. Thanks for the trip updates.

Brooke and the wheelchair...that made me laugh. I loved the first picture of her in the wheelchair too.

Kara said...

Are you kidding me with the wheelchair? Hi-lair. Perhaps if the Japanese had any kind of access for the handicap we could have taken advantage of that with Krista, although she never complained once! I'm so glad you're seeing and doing. The time change will get better soon, promise.

Caleb Reeve said...

Brooke in front of the Mona Lisa in a wheelchair is one of THE BEST things I have ever seen in my life. There are tears in my eyes right now from laughing. Someone frame this and give it to me for my birthday!

jenica said...

you lucky girl! i'm so happy for you! and i am sooo glad you're updating in real time. what serious beauty you're soaking in and sharing. have so much fun and eat something really wonderful JUST for me. ;-D


Dini said...

Brooke in the wheelchair is hysterical! I'm still laughing! Oh Brooke, you poor thing. Thanks for sharing Brit. Loving this!!

Dallas and Krista said...

Crepes!? Did you find any crepes!?