Friday, May 7, 2010

Sur ma voie a Paris!

Translation:  I'm on my way to Paris!

bleeding hearts

I'm all fancy like that.  My dad has been on a whirl-wind trip around the world and has been taking his children around the globe.  For my leg of the trip Brooke and I are headed to Paris, and on through Italy.  I feel like the luckiest girl.  I am sitting in the Admiral's Club in the Boston airport waiting for my flight and taking advantage of free computer/internet.

My sweetie children cried when I drove away.  That's a sad picture to have in my little head.  I told them to check my blog and I would write them notes from my trip.  (Isn't that what all mothers say on thier way to Europe?)  I can't believe I will be away from them on Mother's Day.  My heart hurts. 

Dear Sweet Peas,

You are going to have such a fun week.  Daddy and Auntie Jess will take good care of you, I have no doubt.  They might not make you the best chocolate chip cookies.  You'll have to figure out what thier weakness is.  Maybe popcycles?  Cream Puffs?  I don't know.  Maybe you can get Daddy to buy ice cream sandwiches again:) Just remember to sing to the babies.  Pop Corn Popping, they liked that one.  And maybe a little Ring Around the Rosie?  Know that I love you and I'll be looking at the night sky thinking of you. 



Emma Jo said...

Uh, Paris sounds like a pretty sweet gig for Mother's Day. Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

ooooo have so much fun and you are just the sweetest to all your babies!
can't wait for pictures and stories!!

xo and smiles~ jill

Lucky Candice said...

Please remember to take your camera EVERYWHERE and take lots and lots and lots of photos. I can't wait to see them!!

Love you and have a fantastic trip!